Complaints and Returns Policy in DIPOL Company

The basis for making a complaint is the warranty card, which has to be delivered to DIPOL. When the manufacturer does not make out such a card for a specific item, the sufficient document is the copy of the receipt or invoice.

1. DIPOL warranty terms and conditions.
Depending on the product and manufacturer, the warranty period lasts from one year to 15 years. The duration of the warranty period is specified on the product page. In the case of clearance sales and products after repair, the period is limited to one year.

All product labels and warranty seals must be complete and intact.

The warranty does not cover any damage due to accident or misuse of the product, e.g. fall, flooding etc.
It also does not include any responsibility for products modified by the user, e.g. with cut or changed connectors.

The warranty does not cover damages caused by lightning strikes or power line disturbances, operation in inappropriate environment, flooding.

Devices with altered software that has not been recommended by the manufacturer are not covered by any warranty.

A letter of complaint has to include at least this Complaint Form that must be filled out completely.

The complaint may not be effective if the application form is improperly filled out, especially without any description of the failure, or the product is incomplete.

DIPOL company reserves the right to carry out paid repairs, informing the Customer in advance of such a situation - in the case of finding that the device has been used inappropriately, especially when the damages have been caused by lightning or power line surge.

DIPOL company is not responsible for any effects that may be caused by malfunction or failure of the products sold - it particularly includes the equipment, hardware and software for video surveillance systems.

The software is sold "As-Is" without any warranty or refund of any kind in relation to the operation and functionality. There is no guarantee of proper installation and operation of the software on user's computer and/or cooperation with other software used.

There is no guarantee of compatibility between products from different manufacturers.
2. Details of complaints procedure.
2.1. Shipment.

All shipments are insured.

The Customer should always check the condition of the package(s) and the content at the moment of delivery, in the presence of the courier.

In the case of visible damage to the package (there is a conjecture that the products inside may be damaged or lost), the parcel must not be accepted and a note of defect, damage or loss should be made in the bill of lading.

Accepting the shipment, the Customer should unpack the package(s) in the presence of the courier and inspect physical condition of the product(s). In the case of any damage, it is necessary to fill out complaint form (it should be provided by the courier). One copy of the form is taken by the courier, the second has to be immediately faxed to +48 12 644 8170, or emailed to
This will allow us to settle the complaint as quick as possible and provide another shipment of the same order.

If, just after receiving the consignment, it appears that the contents of the shipment is not consistent with the sales document and/or the order, the Customer should immediately report this fact by calling the phone number +48 12 686 0212 and sending a mail with a description of the situation at (the description can also be faxed at +48 12 644 8170).
2.2. Return policy.

Customers have the right to return products purchased from DIPOL as a shipment within 14 days from the date of delivery, without giving any reason (it applies only to individuals, not applicable to companies and other organizations).

Customers have the right to unpack purchased items and check whether they meet their expectations.

We will accept returns from individuals provided that the goods have no signs of use resulting from exceeding the right of the customers described in section 2.2.2., they are put back in their original, undamaged packagings and additionally packed.

The returned goods shall be sent to us at the Customer's expense, with the copy of the receipt or invoice, warranty card (if it has been issued), and with Consumer's withdrawal from the sales contract (the CONSUMER WITHDRAWAL FORM is available here), along with the information whether the refund should be done by offsetting the value of the goods against next processed order or by transfer to a specified bank account.

The returned goods have to be carefully packed in order to protect them against breakage during transport. The package should contain detailed description of the products: codes (from the sales document), full names, numbers of pieces, and the return address. The parcel definitely has to be marked with "RETURN" notice .

The right to withdraw from the agreement does not apply in the following cases:
1) service contracts, if the store owner informs the customer that after starting services there is no right to withdraw from the contract;
2) in which the price or remuneration depends on fluctuations in the financial market over which the owner of the store does not have any control and which may occur before the deadline to withdraw from the agreement;
3) in which the sold item has been manufactured or prepared according to specifications of the customer (made to order);
4) products with short expiry dates;
5) when the products are delivered in sealed packages that after opening cannot be returned due to health or hygiene reasons - if the packages have been opened;
6) when the products, due to their nature, have been inseparably connected with other things;
7) video/audio recordings and computer software delivered in sealed packages/containers - if the container was opened after delivery;
8) newspapers, periodicals or magazines, with the exception of subscription agreements;
9) public auctions;
10) contracts for the supply of digital content that is not stored on a tangible medium, if the service has begun with the express consent of the consumer prior to the deadline to withdraw from the contract and after the consumer has been informed by the store owner about the loss of the right of withdrawal.
2.3. Defective products.

2.3.1. Faults discovered before operation.
If, just after the delivery (but not longer than during 48 hours), the product has some defects (i.e. the new device does not work properly), we ask the Customer to deliver it to DIPOL branch, or after earlier agreement on the way of dispatch with Service Center, to send it back at DIPOL's expense. The contact to Service Center: or tel. +48 12 686 02 11 ext. 38.
DIPOL company does not pick up parcels sent at our expense but not agreed on by Service Center.
The product should be sent back in its original packaging, carefully packed, with filled out application form, copy of the sales document, and warranty card (if it has been issued). The parcel definitely has to be marked with the notice "PRE-SALE - SERVICE".
When the faulty product has no signs of use, is complete, and its packaging is in good condition, we will exchange it for the same product in good working order and ship it at our expense. If such exchange is not possible, we will refund the price.
When faulty product has signs of use or is not complete, or its packaging is damaged, or there are other reasons not allowing the exchange, the product will be repaired in the shortest time possible and sent back to the Customer at our expense.
A letter of complaint has to include at least this Complaint Form that must be filled out completely.
2.3.2. Damages occurred during operation.
When the faulty product is sent for warranty repair (i.e. the failure is an outcome of internal damage and not of an external force), the Customer is obliged to send it on their own expense. Products sent at DIPOL's expense will not be picked up, unless it is agreed on by Service Center.
If the device is not qualified for warranty repair, we will calculate the cost of performed repair.
In case of finding that the product is in good working order, and the imputed failure has been in fact caused by improper operation, the product will be sent back at customer's expense with additional cost of servicing/testing, within the range of 10 to 50 EUR, depending on the scope of the work.
The devices sent to us should be complete (as an example - with the defective SAT receiver we expect to get its remote control and all the included accessories). All should be carefully packed, in the original packaging, with filled out Complaint Form, copy of the sales document, and warranty card (if it has been issued). The parcel definitely has to be marked with the notice "SERVICE".
A letter of complaint has to include at least this Complaint Form that must be filled out completely.
In the case of a justified complaint, the product will be repaired in the shortest time possible. (The Act on particular conditions of consumer service and change of Civil Code from July 27, 2002, - Dz. U. 141 poz. 1176; The Act from April 23, 1964 with later changes - THE POLISH CIVIL CODE) and sent back to the customer at our expense.
When the product cannot be repaired or exchanged for new one, we will refund the price.