Compression Tool TR-255 for TRISET-113/TRISET-11/CAMSET

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Compression tool for compression connectors (F, BNC, IEC) for mounting on TRISET-113, TRISET-11, CAMSET cables. Suitable for E80274, E80275 connectors.
• Compression tool for Platinum connectors
• Suitable for BNC and F-type connectors
• Simple operation
• Ensures stability and reliability of connections


3-year warranty.



Compression tool for compression connectors E80274 (F: TRISET-113), E80275 (F: TRISET-11).
The way of preparation of the cables for F-connectors can be found on the E80274 and E80275 sites.


Product type Crimping tools
Name TR-255
Types of wires RG-59/CAMSET
Crimping tool: type of connectors Compression