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Optical Fibers

Connectors & Splicing

FTTH - installation of a distribution frame/box
Implementations of FTTH installations based on fiber optic subscriber lines arranged in a star topology are currently the most popular way of deploying fiber optics in multi-family buildings. The main advantages of the solution include a relatively low cost and a simple installation.
Signal Fire AI-8 - how to begin fusion splicing?
Signal Fire is a dynamically developing company specializing in the manufacture of fiber optic splicers. Headquartered in Chengdu, it employs nearly 200 professionals. The devices are built with top-of-the-line components from renown manufacturers (including European ones), and based on technological solutions protected by numerous patents. The characteristic feature of splicing machines from Signal Fire is the use of smartphones for their configuration, archiving of operation data and for diagnostics. Products of this company have gained recognition in the markets of the whole world. The ...
Optical fibers go into homes - how to join them
Systems based on optical fibers are becoming increasingly popular. General availability of comparatively cheap devices converting electrical signals to optical form and vice versa, combined with the advantages of optical transmission, especially very wide band, galvanic isolation between devices and no problems with implementation of long links, are the main reasons for the wider and wider use of this technology in LANs, analog and IP video surveillance systems, S/MATV installations and even in alarm systems. The latest regulations of the construction law in many countries, e. g. in Poland, ...
Mechanical splicing of optical fibers - ULTIMODE FAST-MS1
Mechanical splices ULTIMODE FAST-MS1 are used for permanent connections of optical fibers without the need of employing fusion splicers. Low loss at the level of 0.1 dB is obtained thanks to advanced positioning of the fiber end faces by V-shaped grooves.
How to terminate fiber with ULTIMODE FAST connectors
ULTIMODE FAST quick assembly connectors allow fiber termination with SC connectors without time-consuming gluing and polishing. The procedure does no require "sterile" conditions, because the end face of the built-in fiber fragment has been glued and polished by the manufacturer. The low loss at the level of 0.25 dB is obtained thanks to advanced positioning of the inserted fiber end by V-shaped grooves. The optical gel that is also used in the connectors reduces the effects of an imprecise cut and a possible gap between the end faces of the fibers.