What are cookies?
Cookies are small files stored on the device you use when visiting a website. They are recognized and used the next time you visit our website.
It is thanks to cookies that websites work efficiently and quickly. The data they contain allow us to more accurately tailor the content intended for you.
The website collects and saves information using Cookies or other technologies (e.g. through scripts) so that it can function properly.
Why do we use Cookies?
Cookies allow us to tailor content to your preferences and to the device with which you visit our website.
Your choices about settings, location or data processing consents are stored, making it easier for you to use the site.
Cookies are also used to collect statistical data to identify how users use the website. This allows us to later improve the structure and content of the website.
The data collected in cookies also allows us to more accurately select advertising and content displayed to you.
What kind of cookies do we use?
1. Session cookies – data stored in the browser's memory only until the session ends.
2. Permanent cookies – data saved on your device and stored on it until deleted or expired. These types of files remain on the device despite the end of a given session or switching off the device.
We use the following cookies:
Sites owned by DIPOL:
Provider Name Expiration Type Usage Description cart 1 hour Functional indoor Necessary for proper or optimized functioning of the website consents 5 years Functional indoor Stores selected consents within the cookie policy
Third-party marketing files:
Provider Name Expiration Type Usage
Meta _fbp 3 months Marketing outdoor
Google _ga 13 months Analytic outdoor
Google _ga.* 2 years Analytic outdoor
Google _gcl_au 90 days Marketing outdoor
Cookies vs. personal data
Cookies are not personal data, but the information they contain in combination with other data may be considered personal data.
Cookies do not collect personal information or any other sensitive information from your device.
Removing cookies and "tracking pixels"
Cookies and tracking pixels are only used if you have given your consent. You can withdraw all or some of your consents at any time. You can also delete cookies yourself in your web browser.