Crimping Tool HT-236I for RG-174, H-155, RG-6

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• General-purpose crimping tool for F, BNC and other connectors
• Suitable for RG-174, H-155, RG-6 cables
• Made of solid materials


3-year warranty.



Put F connector on coaxial cable and then into the crimping tool. One move of your hand and the connector is attached. Very useful tool for those who install a lot of F, BNC and other connectors.
General-purpose crimping tool for connectors on the following cables: RG-174, H-155, RG-6
See also: E8004,E8005, E8006


Name Crimping tool HT-236I RG-174,H-155,RG-6
Product type Crimping tool for coaxial connectors
Dedicated cable H-155, RG-174, RG-6
Hole diameter 1.72, 2.29, 5.18, 6.30, 7.90


N-plug on Tri-Lan 240 coaxial cable - Installing

High quality N-male connector E84130 for use with Tri-Lan 240 and Belden H-155 cables. The connector can be used up to 6 GHz. It features low insertion loss and high return loss. 5-6 GHz systems require specially designed quality connectors that ensure optimal parameters. Tri-Lan 240 - low-loss cable.The cable guarantees not only efficient power transmission but also ensures savings on installation cost, in the process of migration from 2.4GHz to 5GHz band (it can work in both bands, so the cabling will not have to be replaced). The sheath of the cable is made of PE (UV-resistant), so Tri-Lan 240 can be used outdoors. Self-amalgamating SCAPA 2501 tape is based on PIB (Polyisobutylene) rubber. It is a versatile material for waterproofing, corrosion protection, jointing and repair of cables - used indoors and outdoors. Product properties and correct application ensure waterproof connections (for fresh and sea water) in a wide range of temperatures.