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Day/Night Lens: TOKINA 2.7-12 mm F1.3 DC
Code: M2315
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CCTV Lens: JENSEN 2.5 mm F2.0
View of the lens
CCTV Lens: JENSEN 2.5 mm F2.0
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TVR2713DCIR M2315 is a high quality glass lens from Tokina of Japan, designed for cooperation with day/night cameras with 1/3" sensors. It can be used in most demanding applications. Aspherical optical lenses minimize the problem of losing focus when switching the camera from color to B/W mode with IR illumination, which is an important advantage in systems operating in variable lighting conditions.
Focal length [mm]2.7 - 12
F-number1.3 - 360
Minimum focusing distance [m]0.2
Sensor size ["]1/3
Viewing angle (1/3" sensor, horizontally) [o]
Manual iris
Automatic iris control
Maximum resolution [Mpix]1.3
Operating temperature range [o]-10...+50
Dimensions [mm]
37.5 (diam.) x 61.8
RemarksIR correction
The lens enables the installer/user to set focal length from 2.7 mm to 12 mm. Adjustment of this parameter allows quick correction of viewing angle. In the case of cameras equipped with 1/3" image sensors, the angle can be changed within 98o do 24o (horizontally). The lens also has automatic iris (DC control).
An important advantage of the lens is the quality of moving components that are used for adjusting focal length, diaphragm, focus. They allow precise setting of the image under all conditions, which is an especially important feature for CCTV installers.
Tokina of Japan has been known in the photographic world since 1951, as the producer of high quality materials used in photography. Since 1996 the company has focused on special lenses for CCTV cameras. Currently the offer includes the following kinds of lenses:
  • megapixel
  • IR
  • AF (Auto Focus)
  • wide-angle, middle-angle, telephoto (1.4 to 1100 mm)
  • for 3-CCD cameras
Withdrawn from the offer
Day/Night Lens: TOKINA 2.7-12 mm F1.3 DC
Code: M2315