DC/DC Converter DCDC10H (18-40V/12V,1A)



DC/DC Converter DCDC10H (18-40V/12V,1A)
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The converter reduces the input supply voltage from 18 ÷ 40 VDC range to 12 VDC. The maximum output current is 1A (Pmax = 12 W), the device is equipped with short-circuit and overload protection. The module has no galvanic isolation between input and output and the same zero-voltage point as the supply line. The enclosure is IP 67 rated.
Name DCDC10H
Code M1834
Input voltage range [VDC] 18-40
Output voltage [VDC] 12
Max. output current [A] 1
Overload protection yes
Overvoltage protection yes
Short circuit protection yes
Efficiency 87%
Operating temperature range [°C] -10... +40
Dimensions [mm] 50 x 48 x 25
Weight [kg] 0.13


Model DCDC10H
Product type DC/DC converter
power output W 12
Brand Pulsar
Input parameters voltage DCV 18...40
connector type Wires
Cable length m 0,29
Output parameters No. of outputs 1
voltage DCV 12
output current A 1
connector type DC 2.1/5.5 plug
Cable length m +/-0.5
protection Overcurrent Yes
overvoltage Yes
short-circuit Yes
Enclosure IP rating IP67
Operating temperature °C -10...40
Dimensions mm 50 × 48 × 25
Weight kg 0,1