This multiplexer is used for splitting signal among multiple TV receivers. It is advised to use the device if a passive splitter lowers the signal to an unacceptable level. The device has four outputs. A power supply is not included. The splitter is to be powered through the No. 4 output ...
Code: B1220

5-862 MHz band, 17 dB rejection loss. 4dB through loss, 75 Ohm in/out impedance. Allows to connect multiple receivers to a single antenna. Can also be used as an antenna adder. Built on an un-coupling transformer. Input, output - F-type plugs. Can be installed on a mast. Direct current flow possibil...
Code: C0920

Transmitted frequency band: 5-862 MHz. One of the outputs enables to pass DC to the input in order to power "up-linked" devices.
Code: E2094

Frequency band: 5-862 MHz. The output of 3,9 dB attenuation enables to pass DC to the input in order to power "up-linked" devices.
Code: E2097

The RV-1/2P-UHD multiplexer is designed to split signals from two sources without any loss of quality of the signal.
• Signal splitting from 1 to 2 outputs
• Input splitting configuration with jumpers
Code: M1707

D-SEP/HD is a 1-channel galvanic separator for signals transmitted via 75 ohm coaxial cable.
• Isolation between different points of the system, such as cameras and DVR
• Potential difference protection
• Signals in CVBS, AHD, HD-CVI and HD-TVI up to 8 MP.
Code: M17105
Temporarily unavailable

LZ-1 is a passive device distributing power from a single power supply source.
Code: M1800

LZ-8/POL is a simple DC power supply distributor that provides power from one higher power unit to a number of devices. The distributor splits the input into 8 outputs; each of them is protected by polymer fuse...
Code: M1803

The M18171 AC/DC adapter dedicated for 12 VDC CCTV cameras operates in switching mode and can be placed outdoors on a wall (due to IP53 rating, the splash-proof housing should be protected by a roof/canopy). The connectors of the camera can be placed inside the housing of the power supply.
Code: M18171