Code: E8690

The double-mast clamp is used for installing two masts in parallel.
Code: E8692

Suitable for dishes up to 150 cm in diameter.
• Suitable for dishes up to 150 cm in diameter
• Mount tube diameter: Ø 50 mm
• Mounting: four wall plugs Ø 10 mm
• Swivels for easy installation on a wall or flat roof
• All elements are galvanized
• Weight: 4.2 kg
Code: E8714

The UMA-50R100 E8742 antenna mast with adjustable base is dedicated for mounting television, radio or Wi-Fi antennas on flat or sloping rooftops, without using any ballast.
• Can be installed on flat or sloping rooftops
• Universal, easy to install
• Ideal for mounting DVB-T, WiFi/WLAN antennas
Code: E8742

The MB-3/PLUS E8744 ballast mast base can hold terrestrial TV and communications/Wi-Fi antennas.
Code: E8744

The single MK section for building a mast/tower is 1.5m-high lattice construction made of aluminum. The design with triangular cross-section (in a vertical projection) with three sides of 250 mm is exceptionally strong, but light and easy to handle, even with one hand. The support elements are alumi...
Code: E9160

The E9161 base is the foot for free-standing aluminum masts/towers composed of MK E9160 sections. The construction of the base allows for tilt up to horizontal position.
Code: E9161

Anchor bolts for concrete foundation with bolt diameter 12 mm, for erecting masts/towers composed of tower sections E9160.
Code: E9162