Diagram of basic TV antenna system (for single-family homes)

Diagram of basic antenna installation in a single-family house, capable of receiving terrestrial and satellite channels. The system enables the residents to receive any available terrestrial TV and FM broadcasts, and one chosen (at a moment) satellite TV channel - through every SAT/TV outlet in the home. The satellite channel can be changed from any place in the home where a remote control extender has been installed. The FM/TV antennas, diplexer and satellite dish with LNBs are mounted on the roof; the 2-way splitter, RF amplifier, SAT switch and TV/SAT combiner - in the attic. The satellite receiver can be installed e.g. in the living room. Thanks to the RF modulator cooperating with the receiver, the chosen SAT channel is available in other rooms. An additional coaxial cable from the place with the SAT receiver to the attic will provide possibility of extension in the future (second receiver, PVR, CCTV etc).
In the case of HD SAT receiver, HD programs can be watched only on an HD television directly connected to the receiver, the rest of TVs in the home can display SD video distributed by the RF modulator.
The installation can be done in stages:
  • to install complete wiring (TRISET-113 E1015 cable)
  • to connect components of the terrestrial path (FM + TV)
  • to connect components of satellite path
  • to install RF modulator and remote control extenders
A further development of this installation is Reception of digital satellite platform throughout the house using only one smart card, which allows selection of different sat channels in different rooms. .
The terrestrial antennas should be chosen according to local reception conditions.
Selection of Terrestrial TV Antennas

Steel Satellite Dish: FAMAVAL Off-Set 80 SP 30Universal Single LNB: Inverto BLACK Premium 0.2 dBSecond LNB mount (for FAMAVAL dishes with rectangular arms)DiSEqC 2.0 Switch: Signal 2X1 DS-7070F-connector MASTER F 113 (compressed on Triset-113)TV/Sat Combiner (Diplexer) Terra DC-009Surface Outlet: Satel GAR-BG-DK-SAT (end-of-line)DVB-T Modulator Signal-420 (HDMI to COFDM, HDCP support)VHF/UHF Amplifier - Terra HS-013 (1xIN/2xOUT, 12V)2-Way TV/FM Splitter: Signal R-2FM-VHF/UHF Antenna Diplexer/Combiner: Telmor ZWR-210DCFM Antenna: Dipol 1RUZ PM B (omnidirectional H+V)UHF TV DVB-T/T2 Antenna: DIPOL 44/21-60 Tri Digit
On each TV one can watch any terrestrial broadcasts and one currently chosen satellite channel
(the same in all rooms)