Digifort Console

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Digifort Console
View of the Digifort console
The console Digifort DGF-KB1000 K3081 has been specially designed for users of Digifort systems. It enables the operator to quickly access all available functions and control all modules of the software. The functionality of the device exceeds the capacity of human-machine communication provided by a conventional mouse, trackball or keyboard. The console has a multifunctional alphanumeric display and an integrated joystick allowing full control of PTZ cameras.
Distinguishing features
  • Fast switching between cameras - instant access to the image from the desired channel.
  • Virtual array: quick change of the screens (previous, next, full screen, change of order).
  • Ability to enlarge the selected object to full screen.
  • Toolbar hiding option.
  • Quick change of privacy zones for each camera.
  • Support for defined actions that can be taken after motion detection.
  • Opening and closing virtual on-screen keyboard.
  • Virtual mouse - control of the cursor from the keyboard, including functions of the left and right button.
  • Full control of PTZ cameras: iris, focus, zoom, pan, tilt, recalling presets, patrol function, PTZ lock.
  • Playback mode: starting playback, selecting cameras and time, fast forward/backward, switching between video clips.
  • Displaying camera status on the LCD display.
A single client workstation can support one console. The user does not need to purchase any additional license.
Presentation of the console