Digifort Evidence - advanced archiving and supervision

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Digifort software, focused on system quality and ease of operation for clients, can be fitted with an optional module - DIGIFORT EVIDENCE.

This module allows the classification and documentation of events that occurred in the surveillance system, archiving and organization of the video footage and any files related to the operation of the system - for later reference including playback and the generation of analytical and statistical reports.

Digifort Evidence can reduce archiving costs and the amount of time spent reviewing materials and maintaining the equipment involved in video surveillance. It ensures greater availability of information related to any event, better organization of the documentation connected with all events and a concise review of the events.
Digifort Explorer-Base (4CH IP CCTV expandable up to 16CH)
Digifort Evidence menu (Portugal language version)

How it works
When an event happens (theft, robbery, accident, fire, act of vandalism etc.) and is recorded by at least one of the cameras, the operator can, instantly or at any time, export the video using client application. At this moment the evidence module creates a form with predetermined or operator-defined data including date, time, type of event, ID of the operator, description of the event and measures taken by the operator. While the form is being filled out, the previously exported video is automatically assigned to the form. The operator can also include any other document related to the incident.

With this process, unlike anything else in the market, the client saves disk space, as only the information relevant to the occurrence is stored, forming an event bank divided into categories for quick look-up and generation of statistics and reports that can be printed in PDF format. The files can be saved, printed, and/or sent by e-mails.

The look-ups, statistics and reports can be viewed in the form of popular chart templates (bar, pie, line). This way, the user can have in seconds the graphs of all events, as well as is able to quickly find a specific event and watch the video, without the long wait required by traditional systems.
An example of a pie chart

Example of use
When a camera stops working, Digifort immediately warns the operator through programmed events (pop-up, e-mail, sound, etc.). At the same time, the operator can call for technical assistance, while the system automatically sends e-mail messages to the predefined responsible persons, informing them of the fact. The request remains in an open status until a solution to the problem is found - the person responsible for the maintenance has to fill out a form informing about the measures taken. At this point, the operator will receive a new e-mail notifying him/her of the solution. To complete the task, the operator should verify and approve the solution. When the solution is not accepted, the system automatically opens up another task to be completed using the same procedure, until the result is approved by the operator.
Help Desk system
Digifort Evidence includes Help Desk system assisting the operator in the maintenance of surveillance-related equipment (operation room, cameras, servers, surveillance station, means of transmission) which helps to quickly troubleshoot and solve hardware problems.

Optionally, the administrator can monitor the entire process by receiving e-mail notifications sent by the system, also having access to graphs, reports and statistics (that can be displayed or printed).

Digifort Evidence Integration in the Client Configurations window