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Presentation of Digifort software ver. 6.4
New powerful capabilities: advanced image analysis, license plate recognition,
biometric logon, convenient console, viewing of images on mobile phones.
Responding to the market demand for automated, integrated IP video surveillance systems, Brazilian software company Digifort has released its IP CCTV software version 6.4. It implements the concept of "digital management", which completely changes the way of thinking about the security of a small business, a large warehouse, an airport or a city. The flexibility of the solutions that are suitable for a variety of applications is obtained by introducing four versions: Explorer, Standard, Professional and Enterprise.
Selecting a higher version, the client accesses the functionality required in an automated, multi-server system with a virtually unlimited number of cameras, dozens of alarm inputs and outputs, automated reactions to common events. On the other hand, another customer can start with a simple, four-camera system, based on fixed or PTZ cameras, including megapixel ones, having access to the images via smartphone(s) and being informed about events by e-mails.
The system can be upgraded "horizontally" - by buying licenses for additional cameras, or "vertically" - by purchasing a higher version.
Digifort systems can cooperate with 1400 different models of IP cameras and video servers from dozens of renowned manufacturers, which enables customers to match the equipment to their needs and resources. 80% of medium to large CCTV systems in Brazil are based on Digifort software. The largest of them integrates 2800 cameras.
Digifort systems are based on client/server architecture. The maximum number of cameras depends only on the version of the software and the number of servers in the network. The software has been designed for computers running Windows XP/2003/Vista/7 (32-bit or 64-bit) and allows to use MPEG-4, MJPEG, Wavelet, H.263, H.264 compressions.
Digifort software is developed based on Multi-Threading technology, making it capable of using the full power of multi-core processors, both by the server and the client workstations. To generate the images, the systems support DirectX acceleration, taking full advantage of modern graphics cards.
Discerning customers can expand their versions by the module of advanced image analysis, Digifort Analytic, capable of (some examples):
  • face detection: all captured faces can be filed in a database (with date/time and location) for further search and reporting
  • object counting: counting different classes of objects (with different characteristics - classified according to the size, speed etc.)
  • finding stray people or animals
  • indicating and/or finding scenes with user-defined objects: person, car, bus etc.
Digifort system can also be fitted with ANPR module (automatic number plate recognition). This is a very valuable feature allowing use of cameras to monitor city streets and read the registration numbers of the vehicles for further processing. Until now, such systems were built separately.
Digifort Evidence is an optional module that allows the classification and documentation of events that occurred in the surveillance system, archiving and organization of the video footage and any files related to the operation of the system - for later reference including playback and the generation of analytical and statistical reports. The module forces the operator to make notes on important events, according to a predefined template which includes description of the event and measures taken by the operator. It also allows to search the notes by keywords.
Digifort Evidence includes Help Desk system assisting the operator in the maintenance of surveillance-related equipment (operation room, cameras, servers, surveillance station, means of transmission) which helps to quickly troubleshoot and solve hardware problems.
Digifort Mobile is developed on the Java platform for mobile devices such as cell phones, smartphones, PDAs, etc. It makes possible to view images from IP cameras and video servers (encoders) on mobile devices. In addition, Digifort Mobile allows to control PTZ cameras, activate the output relays of IP cameras and automation modules which are integrated in Digifort systems.
BioPass is an integrated equipment in Digifort system that allows identity access management based on biometrics (fingerprints). Biometric logon eliminates leakage problems, loss of passwords etc. and significantly strengthens the security of the system.
Friendly interface, easy installation and configuration enable the administrator to quickly customize the system.
Everyone interested in the powerful application can try it out using one of the trial versions.
System pricing
Digifort system for a selected number of cameras can be built based on one of the available software versions:
The base versions can be expanded with additional modules:
You can compare the versions in the Feature comparison table of Digifort software versions
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Digifort Enterprise Manual
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Digifort Enterprise Manual
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Free 30-day trial versions allow potential customers to check the capabilities of the software without having to buy it.