Digifort LPR software - license plate recognition

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LPR is one of the main modules of Digifort software. It is used for automatic reading and recognition of license plates of vehicles. When a vehicle comes into the camera's field of view, the software takes the picture that is used for image analysis including character recognition, then puts it into the database along with the date, time and location. If there is other database with license numbers, it can cooperate with the Digifort software.

Using different rules, the administrator can apply multiple filters, to search for:
  • stolen cars,
  • vehicles that do not have permission to travel on a specific route,
  • vehicles do not have valid MOT or other certificates,
  • uninsured vehicles,
  • cars with unpaid parking fees and fines.
In the event of a suspected case, the system triggers alarm which allows for quick response (action of the police or other services).
To determine the moment of capturing the image with the registration plate, two methods are used:
  • Virtual sensor. Virtual sensor is based on video motion detection. The moving car is detected as a moving object in the image, captured in a suitable way. This method eliminates a need to use additional equipment, however it consumes a certain amount of the server's resources.
  • Physical sensor. In this method, the moving vehicle is detected by infrared sensor(s), inductive loop or other devices capable of detecting moving vehicles. The sensors cooperate with the software through I/O modules. After detecting movement of a vehicle, the information is forwarded to the software, which results in capturing the image of the vehicle and starting the procedure of license plate recognition. This approach saves computational power of the server.
Distinguishing features of Digifort LPR software:
  • possibility of integration with existing databases of vehicles,
  • own internal database with unlimited number of entries,
  • integration with I/O modules,
  • possibility of using analog cameras connected via video servers,
  • correct reading of license plates of vehicles traveling at speeds up to 150 km/h,
  • search for photos of vehicles using date, time, registration number or its fragment,
  • tools for creating reports,
  • possibility of printing images of the vehicles.
Digifort LPR software - license plate recognition
Search for vehicles with license plates containing specified signs at the beginning and end of license number
View of the report
LPR module in action
The heart of the software is the "Carmen" engine from ARH Inc. It is characterized by a high success rate of 98% and support for fonts from all parts of the world, including Chinese, Latin, Cyrillic, and Arab (a unique feature) characters. Identification of a single plate takes about 0.08 s.
The engine of ARH Inc. is used throughout the world for security and traffic control performed by/at:
  • border guard,
  • the police,
  • expressways,
  • airports,
  • parking lots,
  • industrial plants,
  • security services,
  • banks,
  • cities,
  • schools, colleges, universities,
  • stadiums,
  • stores, superstores, shopping malls,
  • health centers, hospitals.
The full list of systems with the software (as of July 2010): Carmen Reference List.
For proper functioning of the LPR module the system has to be equipped with suitable cameras, with high sensitivity and HLC option. These features ensure high-quality images at night and protect the cameras from blinding by high beams/full beam headlights.