Digifort Mobile

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Digifort software, focused on system quality, ease of operation and accessibility from any place, has been complemented with Digifort Mobile application.

Digifort Mobile is developed on the Java platform for mobile devices such as cell phones, smartphones, PDAs, etc. It makes possible to view images from IP cameras and video servers (encoders) on mobile devices. In addition, Digifort Mobile allows to activate the output relays of IP cameras and automation modules which are integrated in Digifort systems.

With easy installation and configuration, Digifort Mobile is an ideal solution for companies and individuals, where the user(s) can view images from the cameras at any moment, control PTZ cameras, activate presets or set off events from any location on the Digifort Server - using various transmission technologies available in the market, such as 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

Digifort Mobile is not an optional module of the Digifort suite, but rather a complement, available with the Version 6.
With Digifort Mobile, the user(s) can perform various operations directly from their mobile device(s), such as:
  • Activating sirens or other alarm devices
  • Turning on/off lights
  • Opening doors, gates, shutters etc.
  • Turning on/off a water pumps, motors, household equipment
  • Control of any devices integrated in Digifort system
Main features
  • Viewing of images via cell phones or any mobile devices compatible with JAVA 2 ME (JAVA CLDC 1.1 / MIDP-2.0)
  • Possibility of connections with multiple servers
  • Possibility of viewing images from individual cameras
  • Possibility of saving screenshots of the images (on the mobile devices)
  • Support for PTZ control
  • Support for PTZ presets
  • Possibility of configuring the cameras (resolution, image quality, frame speed)
  • Indicator of bandwidth consumption
  • Possibility of managing various devices integrated with Digifort system (lights, sirens, gates, doors etc.)
  • English, Portuguese, and Spanish language versions
How to install Digifort Mobile
  • The mobile device must be compatible with Java 2 ME (JAVA CLDC/MIDP-2.0).
  • Download the file "DigifortMobile.jar" from the Downloads section.
  • Install "DigifortMobile.jar" from the Downloads section.
  • Register the Digifort Server in Digifort Mobile.
  • Execute the Digifort Mobile application.
  • Connect to the previously registered Digifort Server.