Digital Dual Motion Sensor SATEL SILVER

Code: G3005
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Digital Dual Motion Sensor SATEL SILVER
View of the sensor
The dual motion detector combining PIR and microwave detection is designed to protect premises with adverse conditions such as drafts or intense convection. This makes it an excellent proposal for the protection of rooms with fireplaces or heating with forced air flow, where the aesthetics of the installation is as important as its reliability.
The SATEL SILVER motion detector features high sensitivity combined with great resilience to interference and false alarms. Thanks to the use of a combination of two detectors, 10.5 GHz microwave (MW) and double passive infrared (PIR), it can detect intruders masked against detection by typical PIR sensors. The anti-masking function is performed by the microwave detector that detects an attempt of masking against the PIR detector. The technologically advanced device encompasses the both detection systems in a comparatively small housing. The detector uses an advanced signal processor with the high resolution sensors. The mechanism of digital temperature compensation enables work in a wide temperature range. Additional advantages of the detector include the alarm memory and the ability to run a special test mode, allowing individual checking of the microwave or infrared path.
Thanks to the dual infrared and microwave technology of motion detection, the SATEL SILVER motion sensor is very reliable. It does not cause false alarms generated e.g. by a flow of cold air from ventilation ducts or hot air from fireplace, radiators, boilers etc. The sensor is often used in boiler rooms, garages, halls, corridors.
SATEL SILVER can operate in two modes, basic or advanced. In advanced mode, the sensor can detect an intruder masked against detection by the PIR detector.
In the basic mode of operation, the detector generates an alarm only if motion is detected by both sensors. The first system (PIR or MW), which detects motion, activates a 3-second period of time during which the second sensor must also detect movement to generate an alarm. If within 3 seconds after the first sensor detects movement, the second one does not confirm the alarm state, the detector will not generate an alarm.
In advanced mode, the sensor generates alarm in the following situations:
  • motion has been detected by both sensors, like in basic mode,
  • the MW sensor detected 16 events in a period shorter than 15 minutes, although PIR does not detect anything,
  • the MW sensor detected intense motion, but the level provided by the PIR sensor did not exceed the alarm level of the basic mode (it can suggest an attempt of masking against detection by the PIR sensor).
Notice: The sensitivity of the microwave section has to be adjusted to the environment, as microwaves can pass through gypsum walls, doors, etc., which may generate false alarms.
Key features
  • passive infrared detector (PIR) and 10.5 GHz microwave detector (MW)
  • compliance with EN50131 Grade 2
  • advanced digital motion detection algorithm
  • anti-masking function performed by the MW path
  • precise Fresnel lens
  • digital temperature compensation
  • remotely triggered test mode
  • possibility of independent testing of detectors
  • alarm memory
  • adjustable mount
Code G3005
Supply voltage
12 VDC +/-15%
Recommended installation height 2.4 m
Current consumption (armed)
18 mA
Max current consumption
25 mA
MW operating frequency
10.525 GHz
Alarm period
2 s
Alarm period (masking attempt detection)
5 s
Detectable motion speed 0.3…3 m/s
Environmental class according to EN50130-5 II
Protection level according to EN50131-2-4Grade 2
Weight 0.13 kg
Operating temperature range
Max humidity
Dimensions 62x136x49 mm



Product type Alarm detector
Brand Satel
type Przewodowa
Color White
Housing material Plastic
Compatibility Wired systems
Detection paths PIR+MW
Pyroelement Double
Installation Indoor
Recommended mounting height m 2,4
Max. detection range Length m 18
Width m 12
Detection angle ° 88
Built-in parametric resistors Yes
Resistance kOhm 2 × 1.1
Microwave frequency GHz 10,525
Motion speed detection m/s 0.3...3
LED indicator for signaling Yes
Number of LED indicator colors 1
Digital detection algorithm Yes
Digital temperature compensation Yes
Anti-tamper protection Yes
Supply voltage DC V 12 +/-15%
Standby current drawn mA 18
Maximum current consumption mA 25
Environmental class II
Protection degree Grade II
Compliance with standards EN 50131-2-4, EN50130-4, EN50130-5, EN50131-1
Operating temperature °C -30...+55
Max. humidity % 93 +/-3
Dimensions mm 62 × 136 × 49
Weight kg 0,13