DIPOL at ENERGETAB trade fair, Sept. 16-18, 2014

Energetab, held in Bielsko-Biala, Poland, is an international energy trade show. In 2014, the fair hosted over 760 exhibitors from European and Asian countries (in previous year: 740). In addition to the presentation of products for modernizing the Polish energy sector, many companies demonstrated products from related industries. DIPOL was among the companies, and similarly to previous years, presented a number of solutions in the fields of data transmission, video surveillance, fiber optic systems in buildings, as well as completely new solutions for intelligent buildings. Maybe due to favorable weather the number of visitors exceeded 23 thousand people (estimated - there were no tickets).
A wide range of products presented by DIPOL attracted crowds of visitors.
The robot was especially intriguing for the fair sex.
There was time for concrete conversations and detailed technical advice
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DIPOLa comprehensive supplier of telecommunication and automation equipment for homes and buildings
DIPOL company, having an extensive domestic and international distribution network, is expanding its offer and becomes a comprehensive supplier of telecommunication and automation equipment for homes and buildings. The product range is currently divided into nine sections.
The TV/SAT section includes everything that is needed for small, medium and large antenna systems for terrestrial and satellite broadcasts. Beginning with antennas and satellite dishes, through RF and fiber-optic cables, connectors, amplifiers, splitters, multiswitches, up to digital encoders/modulators and headends. Multiswitch systems can be designed with the use of SATNET software that has received the Award of the Ministry of Economy for the most innovative product or technology presented on the Elektrotechnika 2014 fair in Warsaw. In Poland, TERRA multiswitches are the best-selling devices of this kind.
DIPOL is a recognized manufacturer of antennas for mobile applications. The 3G and LTE antennas are currently used mainly with modems. The widely known SIGNAL brand under which DIPOL markets products in the European market also includes cellular repeaters/amplifiers. These devices are dedicated for places where the quality and reliability of cellular communication is insufficient. They are used in a number of shopping malls, hotels, coffee shops and business located in basements, business premises of large sporting facilities.
For many years, DIPOL has been selling equipment for video monitoring systems. The devices are the products of choice for many installers and installation companies due to high quality of the equipment and excellent support before and after sales. Each of the offered cameras and DVRs/NVRs is carefully tested before it becomes a part of the offer. If necessary, our engineers provide assistance in the installation and configuration. HIKVISION DVRs/NVRs and SUNELL cameras have been offered by us for many years now and have gained recognition as high-performance devices for affordable prices.
Local area networks are needed not only in offices but also in factories and residential buildings. Our specialists are able to recommend network configurations optimal for customers and select suitable equipment. It will guarantee reliable operation of each network at a relatively low cost. All devices we offer carry a two-year warranty.

We specialize in providing complete range of fiber-optic devices, cables, installation components and accessories for any kind of facilities. Fiber optic transmission systems are now becoming a standard even in residential buildings. Among other things, we sell a lot of optical distribution frames and installation boxes, which are widely appreciated for ergonomic design, durability, perfect finish.

The Intelligent Building section offers two platforms, F&Home and EXTA FREE. The first is a very extensive, advanced system that allows for programming of actions based on data from wireless sensors (light intensity, temperature, humidity, wind speed, presence of water etc). The logic of the system is responsible for the control of appropriate appliances and lighting (switching on/off, dimming etc). So, the users of the system don't have to remember about watering flowers in the garden, closing the awning at higher wind etc. They also have the possibility to freely locate switches, control roller blinds, program heating and air conditioning settings. The status of all appliances can be monitored on mobile devices. EXTA FREE system allows users to wirelessly switch on/off home appliances, with the use of remote controls and mobile devices (handhelds).
In the Polish market, DIPOL has launched products of SATEL, the most recognized manufacturer of alarm systems in Poland.

The Assembly Components section incorporates a range of hardware such as antenna masts, mast-mounting brackets, antenna/dish mounts, LCD mounts, as well as housings, cabinets and installation boxes, both for flush and surface mounting.

DIPOL company has many years of experience in the manufacturing of RACK cabinets. They are sold under the brand name SIGNAL and enjoy a high reputation among installers and users. They are highly valued for aesthetic design, durability and wide range of accessories. The cabinets are sold as self-assembly kits, the task takes only 10 to 50 minutes (depending on the model/size). You can watch an example assembly procedure.

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Intelligent home - life can be easier
Technology makes our life easier. No cables - no hassle - and full control over home appliances and systems - you don't have to remember when to switch them on and off, or run around the house to lower roller blinds in each room etc.
How to do it? Visit our stand to find out all about smart home. We will also help you to choose system components that fit best your needs.
F&Home RADIO system allows for the implementation of control over all electrical systems or devices: lighting, blinds, heating and cooling (heaters, air conditioners), garden sprinkler, gate and doors, burglar alarm, emergency shutting off the water etc. High-level capabilities of the system enable switching on/off electrical appliances and lighting according to defined conditions: time, occupancy, weather conditions, temperature, etc. The range of components includes low voltage PWM controllers for LED lamps and strips, electromagnetic locks. The system can be controlled from remote controls, wall switches and mobile devices. The mobile devices enable the users to monitor and change the operation status of any connected appliance. The wireless control is performed via encrypted signals in the 868 MHz band.
More on the capabilities of the system you can read here.
Exta Free is a popular in Europe low-cost home automation system for remote control of electrical appliances and lighting. Its greatest advantages include reliability and simplicity. The user can start from a single pair of devices, a remote control (transmitter) and actuator (receiver), and later add new components, including central unit (server) to get control from mobile devices. It is an ideal system for basic home automation processes.

SignalNETTelecommunications and RF distribution systems in multifamily buildings
The latest regulations in Poland concerning signal distribution systems in multi-dwelling units and public buildings specify more precisely requirements for cabling systems being deployed in new buildings. The purpose of the requirements is to unify the provision of services for every user by allowing access to broadband Internet, television, telephony etc. - not restricted to one operator or technology.
Similar requirements are or will be compulsory in many countries, so that the investors must take them into consideration. Even if such regulations have not been passed yet, the fulfillment of the recommendations will make the buildings more attractive for the customers/residents.

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