DIPOL at SAT KRAK Digital Television Fair, Oct. 6-7, 2016

On October 6-7, the Galaxy Hotel in Krakow hosted the 12th edition of Sat Krak Digital Television Fair - the largest event of its kind in Poland, gathering industry leaders of digital television and other media. The guests had the opportunity to see new products, as well as to learn opinions of the industry experts.
The prestigious SatKurier Award 2016 in the Innovation Of the Year category was won by DIPOL company for the series of modern TERRA transmodulators: TDX410C DVB-S/S2 (8PSK, QPSK) - DVB-T (COFDM) and TTX410C DVB-T/T2/C - DVB-T (COFDM). During the gala ceremony the Award was given to Piotr Wasniowski by Janusz Sulisz, the President of the Fair.
DIPOL company, aside from proven solutions, presented a range of new products directed to installers of TV/SAT antenna systems, developers, individuals. We prepared a wide range of solutions and products:
  • new system of distribution of TV/SAT signals from TERRA, based on fiber-optic technology
  • new panels for TERRA headend, converting DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C signals into DVB-T multiplexes
  • devices for transmission/extension of HDMI signals, with the use of various kinds of cables
  • new HDMI to IP encoder with unique function of distribution multimedia to mobile devices
  • multi-channel DVB-T modulators
  • mounting system for placing TERRA MV multiswitches in RACK cabinets, expected by many installers
TERRA fiber-optic multiswitch system
Fiber-optic multiswitch systems can receive DVB-T, DAB and satellite signals and distribute them via optical fibers. Fiber-optic SMATV systems provide much more flexibility compared to those based only on coaxial cable. In addition to the greater freedom in implementing long transmission lines, the installation of the systems is also easier thanks to replacing multiple coaxial cables (5 or 9) by a single fiber-optic cable. It means that the deployments of the shared antenna systems are easier for implementation, especially in existing buildings equipped with narrow shafts or even without such conduits. Along with low attenuation, fiber-optic technology eliminates any RF interference problems. The use of the main TERRA components of the multiswitch system does not shatter the possibility of employing any other types of end-of-line multiswitches.
The set contains:
  • QUATRO LNB dedicated for multiswitch systems
  • Optical transmitter TERRA OT401/OT501
  • Optical receiver QUATRO/QUAD SAT & DVB-T
  • 1x2 FC/APC optical splitter
The OT501 A9872 optical transmitter allows for connecting QUATRO LNB and terrestrial DVB-T antenna
QUATRO DVB-S+DVB-T optical receiver OR501W A9877
Key features
  • Fiber-optic cabling;
  • One single-mode fiber instead of 5- or 9-cable bus composed of coaxial cables;
  • Die-cast housing with high screening efficiency – class A;
  • Application of traditional QUATRO LNB – the dish and the LNB can be setup with the use of a traditional SAT TV meter;
  • The converter/transmitter is not mounted to the dish, so it can be located in more favorable conditions e.g. in the attic, which improves stability and reliability of the system;
  • Optical power budget of 21 dB – the signal from the optical transmitter can be divided by splitters up to 32 paths, each long up to 10 km. The exact number of the connection points and the maximum distances from the signal source can be determined by planning the optical power budget;
  • Each of the paths terminated with optical node (optical receiver/converter with output signals like QUATRO LNB) can be connected with a multiswitch or a group of multiswitches. The total number of subscriber outlets in a system with one optical transmitter can exceed 1000.
A TERRA SMATV system for one satellite position
A fiber-optic TERRA SMATV system for two satellite positions
Modular headend for distribution of TV signals via coaxial cables
DVB-T/T2/C - DVB-T (COFDM) Transmodulator: TERRA TTX410C (CI slot)
DVB-S/S2 (8PSK, QPSK) - DVB-T (COFDM) Transmodulator TERRA TDX410C (CI slot)
Four-channel Amplifier: Terra at440 (UHF, DVB-T, AGC)
transmodulator TERRA TTX410C
DVB-S/S2-DVB-T transmodulator
Four-channel amplifier
DVB-T/T2/C - COFDM TTX-410C R81615 transmodulator is used for reception of DVB-T/T2/C signals, some corrections of TS parameters (regeneration, filtering etc.) and retransmission of them in COFDM format in selected channel in VHF/UHF frequency range. It allows for distribution of digital TV channels in situations when the signal received by the antenna cannot be directly amplified or converted to a different frequency due to high BER and low MER levels. The output DVB-T COFDM multiplex with MER above 35 dB can be distributed to multiple users even within very large networks.
DVB-T/T2/C - COFDM TTX-410C R81617 transmodulator is used for reception of DVB-S/S2 (8PSK/QPSK) signals, selection of desired channels from a transponder, and retransmission of them in COFDM format in chosen channel in VHF/UHF frequency range. Built-in CI interface for conditional access modules enables the transmodulator to operate with scrambled services. In multiplexing mode, one panel receives a whole multiplex (up to 10 or so channels) and converts it to DVB-T multiplex with up to 5 services (max 31 PIDs) with max throughput of 31.66 Mbps. When a higher throughput is required, the system will need next TDX-410C R81617 module(s).
Terra at440 R82511 is a four-channel highly selective tunable RF amplifier capable of filtering, amplifying and equalizing four digital multiplexes (DVB-T) broadcast in the UHF band. Each of the four independent sections can amplify different DVB-T multiplex. It means that one module can amplify four digital multiplexes. The paths are equipped with automatic gain control (AGC) and ultra selective SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) filters.
The transmodulators can be integrated with other devices:
Transmission of HDMI signals
In response to the growing number of inquiries and the huge interest in the transmission of HDMI signals, both in home and commercial systems and over different distances, DIPOL has prepared a number of solutions and a wide range of products. The products can be used in homes, detached houses, clubs, pubs, restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls, electronics stores, and even on cruise ships.
A completely new product will be the HDMI to IP converter Signal HD, with USB extender. The set enables the user to connect remote (up to 100 m) source of HD content to HD-enabled television/monitor, using one CAT5e/6 cable. USB ports in the units also allow for remote control of the source of the HDMI signal.
  Solution Max. distance Topology
HDMI cables
30 m Point-to-Point
Transmission over UTP cable 50-60 m Point-to-Point
HDMI to IP conversion 100 m
(+ extension with switches)
HDMI to DVB-T conversion (modulators) 300 m
(+ extension with amplifiers)
Transmission over optical fiber
20 km Point-to-Point

Transmission over coaxial cable

800m Point-to-Point
New! - HDMI to IP Encoder Signal-433
Distribution of High Definition video to mobile devices
HDMI to IP Encoder: Signal-433
SIGNAL-433 R86433 is a multifunctional device that encodes input HDMI signal to IP stream. The high-definition signal provided to the HDMI input can vary from 720_50i to 1920x1080_60p. The device has HDMI and USB inputs and IP output (RJ-45). The output can stream three independently configured multimedia streams using UDP (unicast/multicast), RTMP and HLS protocols..
The HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) protocol is necessary for live transmissions to Apple devices. The protocol allows for adaptation of the bit rate to the network capabilities and can be used for the wireless transmission of multimedia (including HD) to mobile devices.
Example application of the Signal-433 R86433 encoder in Ethernet network

Multi-channel DVB-T modulators
During the last 3 years we could see an intensive development of this branch of products, in accordance with the market requirements. Installers give up the somewhat outdated solutions based on analog modulators. Digital modulators introduce high quality HD video and ensure uniform standard with DVB-T antenna system or a digital headend.
Currently, DIPOL is selling two new DVB-T modulators, WS-7992 R86702 (2-channel) and WS-7990 R86704 (4-channel). The modulators with HDMI inputs provide excellent solutions for hospitals, stores and shopping malls, supermarkets and electronics stores in which HD content from one, two, three, or four sources should be delivered to multiple TVs. Such devices are also ideal for MATV/SMATV systems integrated with video surveillance systems - they can distribute CCTV signals from a modern DVR, captured by security cameras. The images can be watched on any HD television connected to the antenna system.
HDMI - COFDM (DVB-T) Modulator: WS-7992 (2 channels)
HDMI - COFDM (DVB-T) Modulator: WS-7990 (4 channels)
HDMI - COFDM (DVB-T) Modulator
WS-7992 (2 channels) R86702
HDMI - COFDM (DVB-T) Modulator
WS-7990 (4 channels) R86704
TERRA multiswitches in RACK cabinets - mounting system
TERRA is a leading manufacturer of multiswitches for SMATV systems. The equipment can be mounted in popular installation boxes, but due to technical and aesthetic reasons the best solution seems to be the use of professional RACK cabinets located in technical rooms in buildings.
We have prepared a new concept of mounting TERRA MV-9xx multiswitches in RACK cabinet. We focused on a combination of convenience and short time of installation plus technical aspects, such as good ventilation of the devices and, above all, the ability to install a large number of devices in the smallest possible space.
The system is based on holders mounted on the popular DIN rail (TS35). This solution allows for the installation of a relatively large number of devices in a small space of the cabinet. An additional advantage of this type of installation is that other components of Terra system such as DVB-T amplifiers, power supplies, transmodulators or streamers are installed in the cabinet in the same way, which ensures good organization of the installation.