DIPOL at trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences

DIPOL at trade fairs in 2023:
  • Energetab show 2023.
We had the great pleasure of meeting installers and technical school students at the Energetab 2023 trade fair, where we presented our latest solutions for telecom systems. Among the most popular among visiting installers was new series of fiber optic connection diagnostic equipment. For the purposes of the fair, we prepared a stand for testing these products with a specially prepared optical track. Complementing this section of our booth was the Signal Fire AI-9 splicer, where interested visitors could make, often for the first time in their lives, optical fiber splices. At a separate stand, we showed a optical TV/RF system by TERRA recommended for extensive locations. It has the advantage of running thin optical fibers instead of nine coaxial cables and 100% immunity to external interference.
In addition to fiber optics, the attention of visitors to our stand was most often focused on cameras, both Sunell brand models, distinguished by high, image quality, and Dahua brand products, designed for professional applications. We demonstrated a fully equipped Sunell Signal, where cameras were powered from the N299714 media converter with switch and the IP signal was converted and transmitted further via fiber optic cable.
Great attention of representatives of the power industry was aroused by the 5G/LTE antennas we presented, which, thanks to their reliability, are so readily used in the transmission of data from measuring devices in the field.
Visitors asked a lot of questions about the novelties in our RACK offer and the capabilities of the RACKBOARD system, which allows the installation of non-standard components in such cabinets, particularly modules adapted for DIN-rail mounting.

In the corner of the stand we held a championship in crimping MASTER compression connectors on TRISET coaxial cables in time. The task consisted of pulling the individual layers of the cable with an E8010 puller and correctly crimping the E80342/E8277 connector. It took the best participant less than 15 seconds.
We would like to thank everyone who visited our booth in such large numbers. We are grateful for your suggestions, questions and sharing your experiences. Thanks to such meetings we know what is important to you, what you are satisfied with and what we still need to work on. We look forward to seeing you at the next fair.
DIPOL at fairs and exhibitions in 2022:
  • Romanian Security Fair 2022.
On November 9-11, 2022, we had the pleasure of presenting our offer at the Romanian Security Fair, held every two years in Bucharest. Tens of major companies in the industry exhibited at this most important security event in the country.

Since Romania is a country where optical fibers are used on a huge scale, a fiber optic splicer is one of the basic tools of every installer. This contributed to a very great interest in the presentation of our cost-effective, versatile and reliable Signal Fire AI-9 splicer.

In addition to the splicer, the MASTER connectors and tools were very popular, also thanks to the world championship in their crimping organized by us. A national record was set at the fair: 14 seconds :).

We sincerely thank our partner from Romania for the invitation to participate in this event, we hope to return to Bucharest in two years.
DIPOL at trade fairs in 2019
  • Energetab 2019 in Bielsko-Biala
At Energetab 2019, DIPOL presented a number of new products for a wide variety of customers. First of all, it were video surveillance systems implementing intelligent image analysis and an absolute novelty on the CCTV market: bispectral cameras, especially useful in power industry and many other professional applications.

A part of the offer was dedicated to the unique system integrating modern IP CCTV and SMATV solutions. Those interested in video intercom systems could check the possibilities of the latest Hikvision IP solutions in this field.
We also showed new solutions for fiber optic systems and for transmission of video and Ethernet signals via various media. They included the latest models of Signal Fire fusion splicers and optical HDMI cables capable of connecting devices over distances up to 70 meters without any additional equipment.
A special feature of our stand was the fact that almost all solutions were presented in an interactive way – visitors had the opportunity to see, touch and become familiar with the principles of operation and functions of all the devices.
DIPOL at ENERGETAB 2019, September 17-19
The interactive stand of DIPOL company was, as every year,
besieged by a crowd of visitors interested in many presented solutions.
Many visitors took part in the competition in installing MASTER connectors.
Nearly all visitors wanted to see how the process of fusion splicing of optical fibers
had been simplified by using the Signal Fire AI-9 splicer.
  • SEGUREX 2019 - Lisbon, Portugal
From May 8 to 11, DIPOL together with its Portuguese partner, SKUA company, took part in the SEGUREX trade fair in Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. SEGUREX is the largest exhibition of the safety & security industry in Portugal. According to information provided by the organizers, 160 exhibitors presented their offer on 20,000 sq meters.The SKUA stand, one of the largest at the exhibition, was very popular among visitors to the fair (the whole event attracted about 40,000 guests). The most interesting items for the visitors were media converters, industrial switches, RACK cabinets and the equipment and solutions for HDMI signal transmission (converters and modulators), MASTER connectors, and Signal Fire AI-8 fusion splicer.

Presentation of Ultimode, Signal and Master products at the stand
  • Elektrotechnika 2019 in Warsaw
During the International Trade Show of Electric Fittings and Security Systems ELECTRICITY 2019 in Warsaw, DIPOL company organized a 3-day Championship in Crimping MASTER Connectors. The participants had to prepare the Triset-113 cable and terminate it with the BNC compression connector in the shortest time possible, using professional Master tools. Although every contender who had performed the task below a certain time limit received a prize, the winner could only be one. From among a hundred of the interested professional and amateur installers from around the world, the best and outstanding result of 14.15 second was achieved by Mr. Piotr from Jupima.pl. During the award ceremony, the winner received the DIPOL World Cup and a set of Master tools. Congratulations to the Champion and all participants of the tournament! We assure all installers that this is just the beginning of the competition!
The World Champion in crimping MASTER connectors
Preparation of the cable for fitting the connector
All the time, the workbench was besieged by a crowd of interested participants
  • SAT KRAK 2019 in Krakow
The winner of the SAT Kurier Awards poll in the category Best multimedia product / accessories has become TERRA MHD001P DVB-T modulator. The poll was organized by the SAT Kurier bi-monthly magazine on the occasion of the SAT KRAK trade show and conference held in the Metropolo By Golden Tulip Krakow Hotel. The voters appreciated the high quality, easy configuration, and competitive price of the product, as well as the expected long service life, supported by a 4-year warranty. The statuette was given by the organizer of the conference to Piotr Wasniowski, the Marketing and Advertising Director of DIPOL company.

DIPOL at trade fairs in 2018:
  • Energetab 2018
DIPOL at Energetab 2018 in Bielsko-Biala, Poland
  • Securex 2018
SECUREX held every two years in Poznan, is the largest and most prestigious security industry trade fair in Poland and Central Europe. During the fair, leading suppliers of products and services for the protection of property and information, alarm systems, video surveillance and security solutions present their comprehensive range of products. Securex is also the ideal venue for the presentation of innovative solutions and new technologies.
During this edition, DIPOL presented both CCTV solutions highly valued on the installation market and a number of new products in the broad fields of low-voltage, RF, and fiber optic systems. At the stand, one could see the latest models of analog and IP high-resolution cameras and DVRs/NVRs, dedicated to video surveillance systems ranging from several to hundreds of cameras. We also showed mobile solutions and the long-awaited system allowing for the integration of IP surveillance systems with shared TV antenna systems (S/MATV, CATV). Other supplements included e.g. the use of optic fiber technology in CCTV and TV distribution systems. Our sales and technical advisors provided support how to implement various kinds of CCTV, TV/SAT, Wi-Fi installations.
  • Automaticon 2018
The visitors to DIPOL's stand had the opportunity to meet our Singing Robot,
which over time was gaining new abilities.
1) Switch TP-Link TL-SF1005D N29915
2) IP cameras Hikvision DS-2CD2F22FWD-I
3) Wireless Remote Control Extension 2079T/R R94116
4) Housing of SIGNAL MP-0508L R6944508 multiswitch
5) Rotor GL-402
6) HD-TVI Camera V-CAM 361 M7404
7) Wall Bracket Sunell SN-BK323 M5731
8) Distribution/Termination Box ULTIMODE TB-02B
9) Single-cable dSCR Multiswitch Terra SRM-521 R80521
10) Professional F-connectors Platinum E80274 for Triset-113 E1015 cable
11) Body of HD-TVI Camera N-CAM 870 M7486
12) Pan-Tilt mechanism of HD-TVI Camera N-CAM 870 M7486
13) Palm printed on ATMAT SIGNAL XLP211261 3D printer
14) Patch-panels for 19" RACK Cabinets SIGNAL
15) LTE Antenna ATK-LOG ALP LTE A7044
16) HDMI to IP Converter SIGNAL HD H3607
17) Access Point TP-Link TL-WA7510N
18) Access Point TP-Link EAP110 N2562
19) Double F-f to F-f adapter E8239
20) F connectors MASTER
21) Multiswitch SIGNAL MP-0504L R6944504
DIPOL at trade fairs in 2017:
  • Horeca 2017
The International Trade Fair of Hotel and Catering Equipment HORECA/GASTROFOOD is a response to dynamic development of hotel and catering industry in Poland. Thanks to such an elaborate formula, the Fair in Krakow stands out among other events of this type. This is the place where the whole HoReCa industry meets to summarize the year, present novelties and set trends for the next season.
DIPOL co-operates more closely with TP-Link.
At the Horeca fair the companies had common stand.
During this year's edition of the fair, DIPOL presented a number of new products. We especially recommended solutions for wireless access to the Internet based on TP-Link devices and systems. The range of products included items and solutions both for small boarding houses and big hotels.
  • SAT KRAK 2017
On November 10, the Hampton by Hilton hotel in Krakow hosted the 13th edition of Sat Krak Digital Television Fair. The guests had the opportunity to see new products, as well as to learn opinions of the industry experts. During the fair we presented programmable TERRA SRM-521 multiswitch and new Singing Robot. While the mechanical singer caught the attention of the visitors with its futuristic looks and loud voice, the star of the evening became the new TERRA's product.
During the SAT KURIER Awards gala at SAT Krak 2017 trade fair, the winners of the poll were given statuettes for best products in the field of equipment for terrestrial and satellite TV. DIPOL proposed TERRA SRM-521 multiswitch, nominated in the category "Best components of SMATV systems". The SRM-521 multiswitch, able to provide signals to 32 receivers via single coaxial cable (UNICABLE technology), proved to be the undisputed winner in this category!

  • ENERGETAB 2017
Thank you all who visited our stand at International Power Industry Fair ENERGETAB 2017. The data from the Hikvision K1705 camera with people counting function showed that we had over 9000 guests!!! The dedicated banner at our web site, updated every minute, was showing the number of visitors to our stand. Due to the profile of the fair, the largest group of the visitors were representatives of the energy industry. So, many of them were particularly interested in Hikvision DS-2TP03-15VM/W K1708 handheld thermographic camera. The camera has two sensors, one for thermal imaging and second for capturing images in visible light. The second sensor improves the identification and detail distinguishing features of the camera. Another surprise for visitors was unexpectedly low price for very advanced fusion splicer Signal Fire AI-7 L5880. We had a tireless helper - DIPOL's Singing Robot warmly shook hands with the visitors, many of them wanted to listen to its beautiful voice. An extended report from the fair you can access here. We invite you to the next Energetab event already in a year.
A specially written computer program captured the number of visitors to our stand
from the data generated by the dedicated camera and presented it graphically on a banner at DIPOL's website.
The data was updated every minute. The maximum number exceeded 4000 people per day!
DIPOL's Singing Robot v2.0 aroused widespread interest by its:
appearance - it had been made of devices and cables offered by DIPOL,
beautiful voice - it sang festive songs and opera arias,
friendly attitude - it warmly shook hands with the visitors,
good manners - it complimented women.
DIPOL at trade fairs in 2016:
  • SAT KRAK 2016
On October 6-7, the Galaxy Hotel in Krakow hosted the 12th edition of Sat Krak Digital Television Fair - the largest event of its kind in Poland, gathering industry leaders of digital television and other media. The guests had the opportunity to see new products, as well as to learn opinions of the industry experts. During the second day of the fair one of our engineers presented the capabilities of fiber-optic SMATV systems: "Fiber-optic multiswitch SMATV system from TERRA".
The prestigious SatKurier Award 2016 in the Innovation Of the Year category was won by DIPOL company for the series of modern TERRA transmodulators: TDX410C DVB-S/S2 (8PSK, QPSK) - DVB-T (COFDM) and TTX410C DVB-T/T2/C - DVB-T (COFDM). During the gala ceremony the Award was given to Piotr Wasniowski by Janusz Sulisz, the President of the Fair.
  • ENERGETAB 2016
Energetab held in Bielsko-Biala, Poland, is an international energy trade show. In 2016, the fair hosted over 700 exhibitors from European and Asian countries. In addition to the presentation of products for the energy sector, many companies, including DIPOL, demonstrated products from related industries.

At Energetab 2016 trade fair, DIPOL presented a number of new products for a wide variety of customers. First of all, it was the top seller of the second half of 2016 - HDTVI 3.0 video surveillance system. We also showed fiber optic systems, solutions for transmission of video and Ethernet signals via various media, industrial network devices. As usual, we also offered equipment supporting the use of GSM/LTE services, as well as a complete range of products for individual and shared antenna systems (MATV/SMATV). Our sales representatives and engineers were available to share expertise and offer advice on the implementation of telecommunication installations in buildings.
A clear presentation of products and solutions to visitors aroused their interest
to learn more about applications and device parameters
Many people curiously watched a printout from a 3D printer where the image was "painted"
by layers with different thickness and was visible looking against the light.
Among the visitors there were students of a technical college from Bielsko-Biala.
In the picture - a group of the students, Mr Lukasz from DIPOL, and 3D printer SIGNAL ATMAT XXL ;-)
  • SECUREX 2016
SECUREX held every two years in Poznan, is the largest and most prestigious security industry trade fair in Poland and Central Europe. During the fair, leading suppliers of products and services for the protection of property and information, alarm systems, video surveillance and security solutions present their comprehensive range of products. Securex is also the ideal venue for the presentation of innovative solutions and new technologies.
During this edition, DIPOL showed a number of new products that were interesting for a wide audience. These were the newest generation of Hikvision CCTV cameras designed for difficult light conditions, analog CCTV equipment providing FullHD image quality, network equipment for industry (PoE switches, media converters). We also presented technologically advanced Sunell thermal imaging camera along with application scenarios. Installers of modern systems based on fiber optic cables were interested in optical video converters for use with HD-TVI/CVI cameras. The complement of the offer was 3D printer placed in SIGNAL rack cabinet.
Securex 2016 was visited by nearly 30 thousand people. Our stand was besieged by both enthusiasts of 3D printing and globally branded CCTV equipment. A huge interest among visitors was drawn by Darkfighter and Lightfighter cameras capable of working in difficult lighting conditions. A special attraction was Hikvision DS-2CD4A25FWD-IZS K17891 Lightfighter camera which, after uploading "black" and "white" lists of vehicles, can control parking barrier through its alarm output, without use of additional processing equipment or software...
The operation of the 3D printer was monitored
and recorded by Hikvision camera and DVR
32-channel NVR with 4K recording resolution
A huge interest among visitors was drawn by Darkfighter and Lightfighter cameras from Hikvision
  • Educational Trade Fair - Career Festival 2016
    On March 17-19, 2016, the visitors at the Educational Trade Fair - Career Festival could see our Singing Robot and ATMAT SIGNAL 3D printer, presented at the stand of the telecommunications school complex in Krakow (ZSŁ) at the International Exhibition and Convention Center EXPO in Krakow.
  • 3D Printing Days
At the 7th edition of 3D Printing Days in Kielce, Poland, DIPOL company showed 3D SIGNAL ATMAT printer and innovative video monitoring system for 3D printers, based on free HIKVISION mobile platform.

ATMAT SIGNAL is a family of low-budget 3D printers (XL, XXL and XXXL) placed in 19" RACK cabinets. These machines have been designed for all who want 3D printers with a large working area, for reasonable price and, above all, with extremely low printing costs.

With the use of additional equipment, HD camera and Hikvision DVR, the user can monitor and record the printing process. The video can be displayed on a monitor connected to the DVR, on a PC, tablet or smartphone, anywhere via the Internet. IVMS-4500 is a free mobile application for devices running Android, iOS or Windows Phone operating systems. It can be used for live monitoring and playback of images from DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras. With a smartphone and access to the Internet, anyone can monitor even a number of Atmat Signal printers.

  • RemaDays 2016
DIPOL was an exhibitor at Advertising and Printing Fairs RemaDays Warsaw in Nadarzyn (near Warsaw) taking place Feb. 16-18, 2016. At the trade fair, we presented an innovative 3D printer ATMAT Signal.
This year the fair was crowded not only by representatives of the advertising industry. Our stand where we showed our 3D printer for self-assembly with HIKVISION system for monitoring the printing process enjoyed tremendous popularity. The ATMAT Signal printer stood out from the competition, mainly due to a very large operating field and excellent price. More on the 3D printer...

The promoted by DIPOL fiber-optic TERRA SMATV multiswitch system has won the second award in the "Most innovative products and technologies" category at Elektrotechnika/Electricity 2016 trade fair
The 14th International Fair of Electric Fittings and Security Systems - Elektrotechnika/Electricity 2016 - took place on January 27-29, in Warsaw Centre EXPO XXI. The ELECTRICITY trade show in Warsaw plays an important role as a platform of exchanging ideas and developing business contacts in Poland and Europe.
Each year the trade attracts leading producers, distributors and all the interested in electric fittings, cables, alarm and low-voltage systems in modern buildings.
DIPOL presented a range of proven solutions as well as new products dedicated for building developers, installation companies operating in the field of SMATV systems, and individuals. This year, we are focused on the following issues:
  • the use of fiber-optic systems for distribution of TV signals - a new TERRA solution for distributing terrestrial and satellite TV channels
  • SMATV systems - new series of TERRA multiswitches
  • modular headend for distribution of TV signals via coaxial cables
  • transmission of HDMI signals via various kinds of cabling
  • Terra IPTV system for hotels, public venues etc.
  • DVB-T modulators
  • fiber splicing - the bestselling fiber splicer
  • top-quality cables certified for use in buildings throughout Europe
The OT501 optical transmitter cooperates with QUATRO LNB and DVB-T antenna
QUATRO DVB-S+DVB-T optical receiver/converter
DIPOL at trade fairs in 2015:
  • SAT KRAK 2015
On October 8-9, 2015, the Galaxy Hotel in Krakow hosted the 11th edition of Sat Krak Digital Television Fair - the largest event of its kind in Poland, gathering industry leaders of digital television and other media. This year, the guests had the opportunity to see new products, as well as to learn opinions of the industry experts... more
The awards for the best products in the field of digital television were given during the gala crowning the digital television exhibition SatKrak 2015. This year, DIPOL company got statuette for the series of HDMI extenders/converters, in the category "Best accessories". The line of products enables users to transmit HDMI signals over longer distances via various kinds of cables.
On September 26, 2015, during the 6th edition of "Days of 3D printing" in Kielce, Poland, DIPOL showed Signal XXXL printer with impressive operating space of 310 x 320 x 530 mm, developed in cooperation with ATMAT company. The exhibition took place in the Institute of Design in Kielce, Zamkowa 3 Street.
  • ENERGETAB 2015
During this edition of Energetab (Sept. 15-17), DIPOL presented modern solutions in the fields of video surveillance, fiber optic systems, video data transmission, and Ethernet networks implemented in various technologies, also using special devices dedicated for harsh industrial environments. We also showed products and share the know-how in the fields of GSM/LTE and TV antenna systems. Our sales representatives and engineers were available to share expertise and offer advice on the implementation of telecommunication installations in buildings and on other subjects.

At our stand, we presented the following products and subjects:
  • devices for modern video monitoring solutions based on HD-TVI and AHD systems
  • thermal CCTV - Sunell K1606 thermal imaging camera in action, practical applications
  • cheap and effective methods of fiber splicing
  • industrial PoE switches capable of operation in harsh environmental conditions and providing the most effective way of powering devices in IP systems
  • solutions for video/Ethernet transmission in fiber-optic systems
  • transmission of HDMI signal via different kinds of cables
  • 19" RACK cabinets
  • cellular repeaters/amplifiers and WI-Fi extenders
  • communications antennas, including LTE
During the 5th edition of the "Days of 3D printing" in Kielce, Poland, March 11-12, 2015, DIPOL presented 3D printer installed in the hanging 19" rack cabinet Signal R912022 (12U 600 mm). The cabinet has been specially insulated and sealed, to ensure increased operation temperature of the printer. The monitoring and recording of the printing process is performed by the v-cam 430 M10754 camera and HIKVISION DS-7104HWI-SH M71042 DVR... more
DIPOL at trade fairs in 2014:
  • SAT KRAK 2014.
On 2-3 October, the Galaxy Hotel in Krakow hosted Sat Krak 2014 trade fair - the largest event of its kind in Poland, gathering industry leaders of digital television and other media. This year, the guests had the opportunity to see new products, as well as to learn opinions of the industry experts on the future of digital radio (DAB+) and television (DVB-T)... more>>

In response to the growing number of inquiries and the huge interest in the transmission of HDMI signals, both in home and commercial systems and over different distances, DIPOL has prepared a number of solutions and a wide range of products. The products can be used in homes, detached houses, clubs, pubs, restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls, electronics stores, and even on cruise ships.
DIPOL at SAT KRAK 2014 Fair, Oct. 2-3
DIPOL company has been awarded in the "Best Accessories" category,
for Signal HD HDMI to IP converter with IR extender - H3606
DIPOL at SAT KRAK 2014 Fair, Oct. 2-3
DIPOL at SAT KRAK 2014 Fair, Oct. 2-3
  • ENERGETAB 2014
This year's edition of the Poland's largest trade fair for energy, Energetab, gathered over 760 exhibitors from European and Asian countries (in previous year: 740). In addition to the presentation of products for modernizing the Polish energy sector, many companies demonstrated products from related industries. DIPOL was among the companies, and similarly to previous years, showed a number of solutions in the fields of data transmission, video surveillance, fiber optic systems in buildings, as well as completely new solutions for intelligent buildings. Maybe due to favorable weather, the number of visitors exceeded 23 thousand people (estimated - there were no tickets).
  • MOBILE IT 2014
On May 27-28, 2014, the first edition of Trade Fair of Mobile Solutions and Technologies Mobile-IT was held in Krakow, Poland. The event was aimed at presenting the effective use of mobile IT technology, both in the public and private sectors. High level of the program was maintained by professional institutions, science and research groups together with industry specialists. The main event of the fair was Mobile Trends for Business conference addressed for businesses, marketers and developers.
DIPOL at Trade Fair of Mobile Solutions and Technologies Mobile-IT, May 27-28, 2014
DIPOL at Trade Fair of Mobile Solutions and Technologies Mobile-IT, May 27-28, 2014
Our stall was one of the most visited places. DIPOL's specialists answered the questions of the visitors, concerning both the presented equipment and other items from our offer.
Report from the trade fair.
DIPOL presented at Mobile-IT:
  • For cellular operators:
Programmable Signal GSM amplifier with remote monitoring of operating parameters. Through the GSM system the administrator can switch on and off the device, select the operating band, set the optimum gain. In addition, the amplifier can send information on the actual parameters. The device can cover an area up to 2000 m2.
>> more
Trans-Data BTS antennas are intended for use at base stations. The antennas from the series launched by DIPOL can be fed with signals with power up to 400 W and tilted with RCU.
>> more
  • For installation companies and end users:
Signal GSM repeaters for rooms from 80 to 1200 m2. The devices meet all the requirements contained in the ETSI 300 609-4 standard, which has been confirmed by tests carried out by the Office of Electronic Communication in Poland. The offer includes amplifiers operating in GSM, EGSM, and 3G networks.
>> more
Antennas for LTE services. Their high quality and competitive price attracts new customers. The offer includes MIMO 2x2 and traditional antennas.
Antennas for CDMA, GSM, DCS, 3G and LTE services, with excellent quality and stable parameters. They are avail;able in many versions, with different connectors and the length of antenna cable.
>> more
Wide range of accessories for antenna systems: connectors, adapters, coaxial cables, mounts.
>> more
DIPOL at Trade Fair of Mobile Solutions and Technologies Mobile-IT, May 27-28, 2014
DIPOL at Trade Fair of Mobile Solutions and Technologies Mobile-IT, May 27-28, 2014
As usual, the star of the event was DIPOL Robot. With new functions - logical answers
to questions asked and other responses to various situations - it met with great interest.
An interview with the robot was even conducted by a nationwide radio station.
DIPOL at Trade Fair of Mobile Solutions and Technologies Mobile-IT, May 27-28, 2014
The lecture conducted by Mr. Lukasz Kopciuch, the DIPOL's manager of GSM products,
also met with great interest of the audience. The participants asked many questions
and finally they thanked the speaker with applause.
  • SECUREX 2014
Thank you to everyone who visited our stand either for business or to take some photos...
DIPOL's offer at SECUREX 2014:
A family of ULTIPOWER PoE switches compliant with the 802.3af (max 15.4 W per RJ45 socket) or 802.3at (max 25.5 W per RJ45 socket) standard, with 4 to 24 PoE ports, for 10/100 Mb/s and 1000 Mb/s Ethernet networks.
>> more
4-channel mobile DVRs PROTECT 104 and PROTECT 204, for use in buses, coaches, streetcars/trams, subway/underground, special vehicles. PROTECT 104 record the surveillance video on two SD cards, PROTECT 204 on 2.5" HDD. Special construction of the DVRs ensures increased resistance to vibration and shock.
>> more
Excellent analog and IP cameras from Sunell gained wide recognition among installers and users. This year, the company launched many new models that hit the CCTV market. Their high quality and modern design at a very competitive price attract new customers.
--100 000 000 sold cameras means a lot!..--->> more
SIGNAL RACK cabinets are offered in nearly 20 versions, in several kinds: server, standing, hanging, double-section, rail. They are accompanied by a wide range of accessories: shelves, drawers, patch panels, fans etc. The main advantages of the cabinets are robustness, quality materials and ease of assembly.
>> more
Our offer includes a full range of equipment for fiber-optic systems: installation boxes, distribution frames, 19" FTTx panels, waterproof join boxes etc. There is still a strong demand for reliable ULTIMODE media converters being sold for many years now. We also provide installers with certified patch cord made to order according to given specifications - it takes us only two week days to make the orders.
>> more
  • ELEKTROTECHNIKA 2014. At the International Fair of Electric Fittings and Security Systems ("ELEKTROTECHNIKA") in Warsaw, Poland, DIPOL presented a comprehensive range of equipment and cables for multifamily buildings. Visitors to our stand had the opportunity to discuss with our experts on the following topics:
    • structured cabling
    • designing and implementation of multiswitch systems
    • designing and implementation of fiber-optic networks
    • training courses for designers and installers organized by our company
We are very pleased to announce that SatNet 3.0 software
has received the Award of the Ministry of Economy
for the most innovative product or technology
presented on the Elektrotechnika 2014 fair
First prize in the competition under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy
for the most innovative product or technology
DIPOL at trade fairs in 2013:
  • SAT KRAK 2013 DIGITAL TELEVISION FAIR IN POLAND. The ninth edition of the largest trade fair in Poland dedicated to terrestrial and satellite television - SAT Krak 2013 - will be held in Krakow on October 3-4. After last year's meeting in Warsaw, the fair is back where it has a long tradition - in Krakow. Aside from the panel discussion about the future of regional TV stations and implementation of DAB+ (digital radio), the largest audience was attracted by the presentation given by engineer from DIPOL, Mr. Lukasz Bukowski: "DVB-T modulators - it's about time". During the presentation he proved that analog modulators are things of the past. Currently the market offers a number of TV models without analog tuners. They replace televisions with dual, analog and digital tuners and may dominate the market shortly. DVB-T modulators also allow for distribution of HD content in extensive networks without any loss of quality. There is no need for additional computers or players, the modulators can usually play media files directly from USB storage devices (flash drive, USB hard drive etc).
    TERRA multiswitches have been recognized as "The Best Unit of the Collective Installation" at SATKRAK 2013 fair.. The jury appreciated the main advantages of these SMATV components: low insertion loss, high isolation between paths, extreme EMI shielding provided by cast housings, an innovative way of gain and slope control, professional look.
At SATKRAK 2013, TERRA multiswitches have been recognized as the best unit of SMATV systems
  • Energetab 2013 in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. The largest trade fair for power industry in Poland, Bielsko-Biala International Power Industry Fair Energetab, took place on September 17-19. Energetab is a unique event which enjoys great popularity among exhibitors and visitors. The latest products were showcased by 740 companies from 18 European and Asian countries. The booth of DIPOL from Krakow was full of visitors all day long. The strong marketing POWER had our special ROBOT... more>>
  • Intertelecom International Fair in Lodz, Poland, April 11-13, 2013 .... more>>
DIPOL at trade fairs in 2012:
  • Energetics in Lublin, Poland, November 13-15, 2012 .... more>>
  • SAT-DIGI-TV 2012 in Warsaw, Poland, September 19-21, 2012 ... more>>
We presented:
  • new line of Terra multiswitches
  • new line of channel amplifiers
  • compression connectors installed without the use of a crimping tool
  • DVB-T modulators
  • MoCa devices (Multimedia over Coax Alliance)
The awarded set of TERRA channel amplifiers and modulators
DIPOL's stand
  • ANGA Cable in Cologne, Germany, June 12-14, 2012 ... more>>
DIPOL at ANGA Cable, Cologne, Germany, June 12-14, 2012
  • Securex in Poznan, Poland, April 23-26, 2012 ... more>>
  • Energetics in Lublin, Poland, November 15-17, 2011 .... more>>
The fair's prize for the best stand decoration and presentation
The DIPOL's success at SatKrak 2011. We are pleased to announce that we won the award for Best Component of SMATV System. The winner is TERRA MMH-3000+ headend.
We conducted courses, ...
win an award, ...
and showed a singing robot.
  • Energetab in Bielsko-Biala, Poland, September 13-15, 2011 .... more>>
  • Building, Interior Decoration, Garden and Real Estate Fair in Rzeszow, Poland, March 3-6, 2011 .... more>>>
  • SatKrak 2010 - Krakow, October 14-16, 2010 ... more>>
The central theme of DIPOL exhibit was DVB-T. For a full range of DVB-T equipment we received Special Recognition. We presented receivers, antennas, amplifiers and signal distribution equipment including passive components and RF cables, as well as measuring instruments.
We built the Eiffel Tower with TERRA multiswitches
  • Securex - Poznan, Poland, April 26-29, 2010
Gold Medal of Securex for Redbeam IR illuminators
At Securex trade fair, DIPOL presented a full range of compatible CCTV devices, software applications, and transmission means - all encompassed by ULTIMONITORING concept.
Modern CCTV systems require full compatibility of equipment - relating to telecommunications, video processing and IT solutions. The devices that make up ULTIMONITORING platform are carefully selected to meet the requirements.
The main subject of DIPOL's presentation at the fair was:

Standard equipment of every modern house includes antenna and telecommunication facilities: antenna system for radio and TV, telephone and computer network, door entry system/ door phone, CCTV monitoring, alarm system.

DIPOL has experience based on active participation in the market for many years, developing own cabling systems (SignalNet), providing high-quality equipment, training designers and installers.

We always welcome cooperation with:
  • design offices
  • installation companies
We look forward to a long-term successful partnership program.
Together with design offices we have developed concepts, with installation companies we have prepared complete equipment platforms that have been thoroughly tested in many housing developments.
  • Alarm - Kielce, Poland, November 4-5, 2009
  • DIPOL company presented at Alarm Video Surveillance Conference and Exhibition an integrated offer of CCTV devices, software and transmission means for city video surveillance systems, based on ULTImonitoring concept.
The medal of ALARM Kielce for the series of ULTIAIR devices for wireless data transmission
  • SatKrak 2009 - Krakow, October 15-17, 2009
  • DIPOL showed TERRA multiswitches that won Best Product award, ULTIMODE optic fiber equipment, cables and modern connectors, Signal GSM repeaters... more>>
Intertelecom 2009
ULTISYSTEM - a strong entry - DIPOL at ALARM Kielce,<br />November 5-6, 2008
The distinction to DIPOL for ULTISYSTEM at ALARM 2008
  • SAT Krak 2008 - Krakow, October 16-18, 2008 ... more>>
The ceremony of presenting the award for the "Best Product of the Year",
to Mr. Virgilijus Repecka from TERRA and Mr. Tadeusz Szydlowski from DIPOL
  • VIII Eko-Wystawa 2008 - Pietrowice, May 10 - 11, 2008 ... more>>
DIPOL's stand at Eko-Wystawa (Eco-Exhibition)
  • Securex 2008 - Poznan, April 22-25, 2008 ... more>>
ULTISYSTEM was nominated to the Gold Medal of Securex 2008. It allows to combine local monitoring systems (with H.264-based DVRs) with city surveillance systems, using integrated software.
  • INTERTELECOM 2008 - Lodz, April 8 - 10, 2008 ... more>>
ULTIMAX-716 won prestigious award - Gold Medal of Intertelecom for the best product.
Ms. Magdalena Stachula from DIPOL picks up the medal handed by Ms. Anna Strezynska, the President of the UKE (Republic of Poland - Office of Electronic Communications)
  • ALARM 2007 - Kielce, November 7 - 8, 2007 ... more>>
5 Mega-pixel IP CCTV camera distributed by DIPOL, honored with Medal of ALARM Kielce. Lectures on designing of modern city monitoring systems, and broad offer of IP CCTV devices presented by our company at the event, gained recognition of the organizers and visitors.
  • SatKrak 2007 - Krakow, October 18 - 20, 2007 ... more>>
SatKrak 2007 - the "Product of the Year" prize, given by Mr. Janusz Sulisz, the editor-in-chief of "Satkurier", is picked up by Tadeusz Szydlowski from DIPOL.
  • INTERTELECOM 2007 - Lodz, April 17 - 19, 2007.