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DIPOL SMART HORIZON is a directional TV antenna designed to receive digital terrestrial television DVB-T2 in UHF band. It is intended for individual and SMATV systems.
• Designed to receive DVB-T2 terrestrial television signals in the UHF band,
• Channels 21-48 (470-694 MHz),
• Passive or active operation,
• Directional pattern,
• Made of aluminum and ABS,
• Reinforced main bar,
• Hermetic box with F-type connector,
• Tool-free assembly in 90 seconds,
• Built-in LTE 700 filter,
• Application in individual and SMATV systems.


3-year warranty.



DIPOL SMART HORIZON A2230 is a directional TV antenna designed to receive digital terrestrial television DVB-T2 in UHF band. The antenna is made of aluminum, steel structural elements are galvanized, so they have increased resistance to weather conditions. Black ABS plastic elements ensure stability and aesthetics. Reinforced bar of the antenna guarantees high mechanical resistance (to wind, birds). Due to its relatively high gain in passive mode, the antenna is intended for use in SMATV systems and at longer distances from the transmitter, although it can also be used in individual systems.
Key features:
  • designed to receive DVB-T2 terrestrial television signals in the UHF band,
  • channels 21-48 (470-694 MHz),
  • passive or active operation,
  • directional pattern,
  • made of aluminum and ABS,
  • reinforced main bar,
  • hermetic box with F-type connector,
  • tool-free assembly in 90 seconds,
  • built-in LTE 700 filter,
  • application in individual and SMATV systems.
Installation of the antenna is easy fast and no tools are required. Video installation instructions are available here.
The antenna is equipped with a sealed box with F type connector. The box contains an antenna amplifier with a bypass that allows the antenna to work in two modes:
  • passive – default operating mode. The maximum gain of the antenna is then 14 dBi.
  • active – activated with 12 VDC power supply required (not included). This allows to boost the signal by approx. 20 dB.
The above makes the DIPOL SMART HORIZON antenna extremely versatile. Buying it the installer or user can be sure that it will work in any scenario – from strong signals close to the transmitter, to weak signals at long distances, or reception of reflected signal in dense built area.
The chart shows the antenna gain vs. frequency. Black (letter "P") indicates passive gain of the antenna, while orange ("A"), the active gain. The installer of DIPOL SMART antennas does not have to worry about testing different versions of the antennas by replacing the combiner with the amplifier, or vice versa. During installation and signal measurements, it is enough to turn on 12 V meter in order to verify signal parameters in both antenna modes and choose the most suitable one. For continuous operation in active mode, use the 12 VDC 100 mA power supply

Compact dimensions in addition to greater mounting possibilities, ensure no problems in long-term operation (greater resistance to wind, etc.). Compact packaging makes the SMART series antennas easy to transport.

DIPOL SMART HORIZON antenna has been subjected to many field tests (10 to 100 km from a 100 kW transmitter) before it was put on the market. The tests included measurements in locations with different density of buildings, as well as comparative tests with other DVB-T2 antennas available on the market. The tests showed that the antenna is at the forefront in terms of reception capabilities. Without any major problems, it was possible to receive DVB-T signals at a distance of 94 km from the transmitter (100 kW, low UHF band, terrain profile without any obstacles along the route), with signal strength in passive mode of the antenna averaging 50 dBμV for 3 channels, and the MER value averaging 30 dB. These values should be considered sufficient for reception by 1 receiver. In the case of a larger installation, the active mode should be used, which increases the signal power by 15-20 dB, and the MER value by 2-3 dB.

It takes less than 1.5 minutes to install the antenna and no tools are required. Thoughtful design makes it easy to install. The antenna reflector, director holder and antenna box with loop dipole are mounted with a quick but secure snap. There are 2 wing nuts included with the clamp. No wrench is needed to tighten them.

The materials used for production will ensure long and trouble-free antenna operation in various weather conditions. Parts of the antenna are made of aluminum, steel structural elements are galvanized, and black plastic elements are made of high quality ABS. The reinforced main bar provides increased resistance to wind and birds. The ABS used has been modified to operate at -30...+80^o^^C. To test the strength of the ABS reflector holder, the end of the top holder was loaded with 25kg. The antenna was not permanently deformed, the mount did not crack or break. The antenna could still be operated.

High gain of the antenna in passive mode and the possibility of switching on the signal amplifier built in the antenna box cause that the antenna can receive the signal even 80-100 km from the transmitter. This has been proven in field tests. Note, however, that this depends on a number of factors such as the strength of the transmitted signal, local terrain conditions, local interference, etc.

The antenna's bypass allows it to operate in two modes: passive and active. This makes the antenna universal, and the installer does not have to test different configurations by inserting and removing the antenna amplifier into/out of the antenna box. To switch to the active mode just connect the 12 VDC 100 mA power adapter with a separator at the TV set. In the passive mode, antenna works without additional power supply.

Built-in LTE filter 700
The antenna is designed to receive signals broadcast in the UHF band on channels 21-48 (frequency 470-694 MHz). It is prepared for the so called second digital dividend, which assumes use of the band above 700 MHz for mobile services and data transmission. The built-in filter ensures that unwanted signals in the band >700 MHz will not be introduced into the system.

=== Due to relatively high gain in THE passive mode, the antenna is suitable for use in SMATV systems and at longer distances from the transmitter. It will prove useful as an element in MATV (DVB-T2) and SMATV (multiswitch) systems.
===Dimensions of the DIPOL SMART HORIZON antenna packaging: 79 x 19 x 13 cm. It is one of the most compact packaging among this type of antennas on the market. This seemingly less significant fact should please every installer who finds it difficult to transport large antennas in large numbers or with other installation accessories.


Antenna type TV DVB-T/T2
Manufacturer DIPOL
RF antenna type Directional, SMART
General data
' pcs. 25
Dimensions mm 1110 × 590 × 500
Weight kg 2
Packaging type Cardboard box
Dimensions mm 790 × 190 × 130
Impedance Ohm 75
Gain (passive mode) dBi 11 – 14
Gain + amplification (active mode) dB 25 – 32
Balun Yes (75 ohm)
Operating band UHF
Frequency range MHz 470 – 694
Channels 21 – 48
Beam width degree H 40/V45
Tilt angle adjustment degree 0 – 45
Built-in amplifier Yes
Amplifier bypass Yes
Amplified band UHF
Amplifier Gain dB 20
input impedance Ohm 75
Max. mast/tube diameter mm 60
Power supply voltage V 12
current mA 75