Double Bistable Relay F&Wave FW-R2P

Code: F3221
This product is no longer available



FW-R2P module is composed of two bistable relays, each with one output contact (4A/250VAC), controlled wirelessly or locally (with potential-free monostable contacts/switches).
F&Wave is a family of devices managed wirelessly over distances up to 100 m, for control of various electrical appliances. The receivers/actuators have versions suited for installation on DIN rails (1S modules) or for placing in Ø60 round recessed boxes. They can be controlled via additional local buttons, or remotely, with handheld or fixed remote control units. A unique feature of the system is the retransmission of the control signals through the modules, which improves reliability and extends the range of operation.
Short pressing of a monostable switch connected to a local input results in changing the state of the output of the corresponding relay to the opposite. Long pressing of the switch (above 5 seconds) always sets the output of the relay to ON state, continued to the moment of releasing (at this moment the state changes to OFF). This feature can be used for synchronizing a group of relays (and connected loads) controlled by the same local switch.
Key features
  • Two bistable relays,
  • Designed for F&Wave wireless systems,
  • Can be controlled from up to 8 remote controls,
  • Can be controlled locally with any monostable potential-free contacts,
  • Two independent isolated NO contacts, each with 4 A / 250 VAC switching capacity (AC-1),
  • Compact size, dedicated for mounting in a Ø60 flush box,
  • Retransmission of control commands for higher reliability and wireless range extension,
  • Very low power consumption,
  • Built-in thermal overload protection.
Wiring diagram


Name FW-R2P double bistable relay
Product type Transmitter, Relay
System F&Wave
Mounting In-box
Transmission type Two-way
Frequency MHz 868
Applications indoor
Number of relays 2
Relay parameters maximum current A 4
maximum voltage V 250
Number of transmitters 2
Power supply voltage VAC 85...265
Range m 100
Protection rating IP20
Operating temperature °C -25...60
Dimensions mm 48 × 43 × 20