DTT MCA101T TERRA masthead correction converter

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The DTT MCA101T TERRA masthead correction amplifier is dedicated to work with OTF30x transmitters
• Dedicated to work with TERRA's OTF30x optical transmitters
• Frequency converter
• Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuit to ensure signal stability
• Built-in LTE700 filter
• Remote DC power supply
• Capable of outdoor mounting


4-year warranty.



DTT MCA101T TERRA masthead correction converter dedicated to work with optical transmitters OTF302 6F31 E A3031 and OTF302 6F55 E A3055. The MCA101T R82101 amplifier enables the introduction of FM/DAB+ radio signals and DVB-T2 terrestrial TV to a fiber optic system. The MCA101T R82101 provides automatic gain control (AGC) to ensure signal stability (compensation for fluctuations in signal levels due changes in weather: rain, heavy cloud cover, etc.). The number of available MUXes in the system from the UHF band for correction is selected using the potentiometer on the front housing. The distance between the amplifier and the optical transmitter must not exceed 20 m.
Key features:
  • dedicated to work with TERRA,'s OTF30x optical transmitters,
  • automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuit to ensure signal stability,
  • built-in LTE700 filter,
  • remote DC power supply,
  • capable of outdoor mounting.
Note! In the case of varying signal levels of digital terrestrial TV stations, it is recommended to use a channel amplifier upstream the MCA101T converter.


Product type Converter
Name MCA101T
RF input number 2
standard DVB-T/T2
AGC function Yes
Specyfikacja techniczna
VHF input Frequency range MHz 87.5...240
Gain control dB -3...-14
Max. Input level dBµV 86...97
Impedance Ohm 75
Return loss dB >10
UHF 1 input Frequency range MHz 470...694
Gain control dB AGC
Max. Input level dBµV 55...80
Impedance Ohm 75
Return loss dB >10
RF output Signal strength dBµV 93
Impedance Ohm 75
Noise ratio dB <5
LTE reject filter LTE 700
Current drawn V/A DC 10-20
Power consumption W 1,4
Operating temperature °C -20...+50
Weight kg 0,2
Dimensions mm 89 × 107 × 43