DVB-S/S2 (8PSK, QPSK) to 2xDVB-C (QAM) Transmodulator: TERRA TDQ-420C (2xCI)

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The tdq420c 2xDVB-S/S2 (8PSK, QPSK) - 2xDVB-C (QAM) transmodulator with a double CI slot enables the conversion of DVB-S/S2 signals from 2 satellite transponders to 2 DVB-C MUXes.
• Conversion of DVB-S/S2 signals to DVB-C QAM standard,
• 2 SAT transponders for 2 DVB-C MUXes,
• Possibility to create one DVB-C MUX from two SAT transponders,
• Channel selection and filtering of unnecessary services in the digital stream,
• Control via RJ-45 port, for a much simpler installation procedure,
• 2 CI ports (multidescrambling),
• Web-based management,
• Reading history of events (logs) from the panel,
• AGC function (automatic control of signal gain).


4-year warranty.



Terra TDQ-420C R81639 DVB-S/S2 to DVB-C transmodulator is used for reception of DVB-S/S2 (8PSK/QPSK) signals, selection of desired channels and retransmission of them in QAM format in chosen RF channels in VHF/UHF frequency range. The device allows the user to receive and manage a range of free to air and encrypted satellite channels (CI/CAM compatibility). One TDQ-420C R81639 panel can receive channels from two satellite transponders and convert them into two neighboring DVB-C multiplexes with maximum throughput of 53 Mbps (no PID filtering). In practice, each multiplex can carry 8 SD channels or 4-5 HD channels. The administrator of the system selects the required channels from the satellite streams and forms two DVB-C multiplexes. Alternatively, one DVB-C multiplex can be programmed from channels coming from two different satellite transponders. In each case, it is neceeesary to remember about 10% safety margin when determining the maximum bit rate for the whole multiplex (typically the ultimate bit rate of a multiplex should not exceed 50 Mbps). When a higher throughput is required, the system should be equipped with additional TDQ-420C R81639 unit(s). The output DVB-C QAM multiplexes are usually distributed to users by a passive network composed of RF splitters/taps. Such a solution is especially convenient in modern hotel TV systems distributing a variety of satellite channels, including HD broadcasts.
Thanks to RJ-45 Ethernet port, the programming of the TDQ-420C R81639 panel is performed via a web browser.
The TDQ-420C R81639 panel has two CI slots that in the case of receiving encrypted programs must be equipped with suitable conditional access modules (CAM) with dedicated smart cards.
A great advantage of the Terra device is easy integration with other components:
Customers can also order DVB-S/S2--> DVB-T (COFDM) transmodulators:
  • DVB-S/S2 (8PSK, QPSK) to 2xDVB-T (COFDM) Terra TDX-420C R81619 (two CI slots)
  • DVB-S/S2 (8PSK, QPSK) to 2xDVB-T (COFDM) Terra TDX-420 R81618
DIPOL offers the following transmodulators of DVB-S/S2 (8PSK, QPSK) signals:
  TDX-410C  TDX-420   TDX-420C TDQ-420   TDQ-420C
   R81617  R81618 R81619  R81638  R81639 
Code  R81617  R81618 R81619  R81638  R81639 
Input signals
Number of transponders
1 2 2 2 2
Output signals
Number of MUXes
1 2 2 2 2
Max. bitrate [Mb/s]  31.66 2x31.66 2x31.66 2x53 2x53
CI slot(s)
1x no 2x no 2x
The R81639 units can be mounted on the R82538 or R82539 DIN rail (also in a RACK cabinet) and powered from DR-60-12 R82532 or UP413 R82533 power supply.
Key features
  • conversion of DVB-S/S2 signals to DVB-C QAM standard,
  • conversion of multiple signals from two satellite transponders to 2 neighboring DVB-C multiplexes,
  • possibility to create one DVB-C multiplex from two different satellite transponders,
  • selectable channels and services,
  • easy control via RJ-45 port,
  • two CI ports (multi-channel descrambling of pay-TV)
  • management via the Internet,
  • access to event history (logs),
  • automatic gain control (AGC).
View of the information window of TDQ-420C R81639 module
(among others DVB-S2 input RF levels, SNR, VBER parameters)
IPTV Streamer: TERRA sdi 480 (DVB-S/S2 to IP, USB port)
Selection of channels and filtration of services
Example of mounting TERRA headend to CD001 housing with DIN rail BD001 R90001. Additionally, there are the SRM-522 R80522 multiswitch and an Ethernet switch mounted on the ID001 R90003 mounting plate. The whole system has the FD001 R90002 ventilation unit with thermostat added.
Set of ttx410C R81615 and tdx410C R81617 transmodulators used in an SMATV system. For the reception of pay-TV channels it is necessary to install suitable conditional access module.
Notice: The transmodulator is compatible only with CI CAM modules (no support for CI+).


Product type Transmodulator
Name tdx420c
Conversion DVB-S/S2--->DVB-C
RF input Number of supported transponders 2
Number of F-connectors 1
Channels FTA (uncoded) Yes
Coded (CI slot) TAK (2 × )
Specyfikacja techniczna
RF input Frequency range MHz 950...2150
Power supply/control 0/13/18 V & 22 kHz, max. 1 A,DiSEqC 1.0, EN50607, EN50494
standard DVB-S2
Modulation QPSK, 8PSK, APSK 8/16/32
FEC 8PSK: 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 8/9, 9/10, QPSK: 1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 8/9, 9/10
standard DVB-S
Modulation QPSK
FEC 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
Symbol rate Ms/s 2...45
Signal strength dBµV 45...85
Impedance Ohm 75
RF throughput - gain dB -1 ± 1
RF output standard DVB-C/J.38B
Number of DVB-C MUXes 2 (nearby)
Modulation DVB-C: QAM16, QAM32, QAM64, QAM128, QAM256, J.83B: QAM64, QAM256
Frequency range MHz 100...858, step 100 kHz
Signal strength dBµV 90
Signal pos. adjustment dB 0...15 with step 1 dB
Impedance Ohm 75
MER dB >40
Channel bands MHz 4...8.3
Symbol rate Ms/s 3.5...7.2
RF output Bandwidth Mbps 2 × 53
RF combiner Frequency range MHz 47...2150
Connector F
Loss dB 2,5
Configuration Port RJ-45 (web browser)
IP address
Remote Yes
Current drawn V/A DC 12/0.55
Operating temperature °C 0...+50
Weight kg 0,9
Dimensions mm 48,5 × 198 × 112