DVB-S/S2 Receiver (CI, MPEG2 TS output): Terra RDC-311 (for MMH-3000 headend)

Code: R817102
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DVB-S/S2 Receiver (CI, MPEG2 TS output): Terra RDC-311 (for MMH-3000 headend)
View of the module
DVB-S/S2 Receiver (CI, MPEG2 TS output): Terra RDC-311 (for MMH-3000 headend)
The RDC-311 R817102 module is mounted in the base unit (UC-380 R81700) of the MMH-3000 headend.
The module receives and converts DVB-S/S2 (QPSK/8PSK) signals into MPEG2 TS (transport stream) that can be further used e.g. by DVB-T modulator TRX-360 R81709. One module converts a whole satellite transponder.

The RDC-311 R817102 module (in connection with TRX-360) is intended for creating a DVB-T multiplex - in the case of conversion of satellite channels into analog PAL channels the suitable choice is RDC-316 R817101.
The device has been equipped with PCMCIA slot for a Common Interface module, which allows for reception and decoding of encrypted channels.
Sets of RDC-311 R817102 and TRX-360 R81709 modules are used to convert satellite channels into DVB-T multiplexes distributed in larger antenna systems. Such systems are often used in hotels, providing high-quality TV channels, including HD ones.
The set of RDC-311 R817102 and TRX-360 R81709 modules converts satellite channels into a DVB-T multiplex. Each of the RDC-311 R817102 modules receives a selected satellite transponder. The whole transponder is fed to the TRX-360 R81709 module allowing the administrator to select channels that are to be placed in the DVB-T multiplex. The TRX-360 has six the MPEG-TS inputs. The administrator should remember about the maximum bitrate at the output of the DVB-T modulator in the TRX-360 module (ca. 31 Mbps). It translates into 7-8 SD channels.
The principle of selection of the Terra MMH-3000 modules for converting DVB-S/S2 broadcasts to DVB-T multiplexes is as follows:
  • the number of the RDC-311 R817102 modules is the same as the number of received satellite transponders,
  • the number of TRX-360 R81709 modules is the same as the total number of SD channels divided by 8; one TRX-360 can operate together with maximum six RDC-311,
  • the number of the UC-380 R81700 base units is equal to the total number of all modules divided by 8.
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Name RDC-311
Code R817102
RF input
frequency range
950-2150 MHz
level/impedance 30-88 dBμV / 75 Ω
Power for LNB 0/18 V & 400 mA max.
Input symbol rate
1...45 MS/s
Output symbol rate (MPEG2 TS) 2...80 MS/s
Power 5.5 VDC , 1.1 A
Operating temperature range
Dimensions / Weight 45x115x232 mm / 0.46 kg
Electrostatic discharge caution

The module contains electrostatic sensitive components. To minimize electrostatic discharge, observe the following precautions:
  • Do not remove module from its anti-static plastic bag until you are ready to install it into the base unit.
  • Hold the module only by its front panel.
  • Do not place the module on an unprotected surface. Immediately after you remove the module from the base unit, you must insert it into its anti-static plastic bag.
  • When the module is not in use, keep it in its anti-static plastic bag.
  • Do not ship or store the module or base unit in/near strong electrostatic, electromagnetic or radioactive fields.


Nazwa RDC-311
Kod R817102
Wejście RF zakres częstotliwości 950-2150 MHz
poziom/impedancja 30-88dBμV/75Ω
Zasilanie LNB 0/18V & 400mA max.
Prędkość symbolowa 1...45 MS/s
Wyjście MPEG-2 TS 2...80 MS/s
Pobór mocy DC 5.5 V, 1.1 A
Zakres temperatur 0...50°C
Wymiary / Masa 45x115x232 mm / 0.46 kg