DVB-T/Cable TV Signal Switch



DVB-T/Cable TV Signal Switch
View of the device
DVB-T/Cable TV Signal Switch
View of the internal aluminum casing
Signal Switch E2022 enables the user to manually choose one of two sources of RF signal for their TV set. Thanks to high isolation between inputs and good screening there is no problem with interference, even if the sources use the same channels.
Typical application is the choice between terrestrial and cable TV. The switch will allow to connect the two sources of signal without a risk of interference (it happens that DVB-T transmitters and cable TV networks use the same channels).
Distinguishing features
  • full FM and TV range, both terrestrial and cable TV channels;
  • low insertion loss;
  • high isolation between inputs;
  • solid switching mechanism preventing simultaneous selection of two signal sources;
  • internal aluminum casing ensuring good screening and RF isolation.
Name RF Cable Signal Switch
Code E2022
Frequency range [MHz] 5-1000
Type of connectors F
Number of inputs
Number of outputs
Insertion loss [dB] <1.5
Isolation between inputs [dB] >50
Return loss [dB] >10
Weight [kg] 0.2
Dimensions [mm] 102x60x25


Product type DVB-T/CATV switcher
Manufacturer SIGNAL
Number of inputs 2
Type of inputs 2 × DVB-T/CATV
Input frequency range MHz 5 – 1000
Input separation dB > 50
Connector type F
Switching method Manual