DVB-T/T2 antenna ASP-8W DVB-T/T2 with LNA-169 amplifier and LTE 5G filter

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The ASP-8W broadband antenna with LNA-169 amplifier receives DVB-T/T2 TV signals in the VHF and UHF bands in horizontal polarization.
• Performs in densely built-up areas
• Gain up to 14 dBi
• Built-in LNA-169 24 dB amplifier
• UHF and VHF bands
• Wide half power angle
• Power supply included


3-year warranty.



Antenna suitable for DVB-T/T2 signal reception
Broadband TV antenna (ch.6-60), packed in foil. Aluminum active elements, electro-galvanized steel structural components. The set includes shielded RF amplifier and AC/DC adapter with RF/DC separator allowing to provide power to the amplifier, with the same cable which sends the signal from the antenna to the receiver. It is possible to use the antenna without a mast (e.g. if we want the antenna placed on a window-sill).
This model of antenna is equipped with shielded amplifier LNA-169" B4008 with F-type output.


Antenna type TV DVB-T/T2
Name ASP-8W
Manufacturer DIPOL
RF antenna type Multiband
General data
' pcs. 20
Dimensions mm 790 × 560 × 150
Weight kg 1,5
Packaging type Film
Impedance Ohm 300
Balun No
Operating band VHF+UHF
Frequency range MHz 174 – 694
Channels 6 - 48
Max gain. dBi 14
Polarization H
VHF polarization H
Built-in amplifier Yes
Amplified band VHF, UHF
Amplifier type LNA-169
Input impedance Ohm 300
input impedance Ohm 75
Gain dB 16...20 (channels 6 – 12), 22...25 (channels 21 - 48)
Max. mast/tube diameter mm 40
Power supply voltage V 12
current mA 50