Electric door strike ABR-001 for Alcad door entry system

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Electric door strikeABR-001 for Alcad door entry system
General view

Electric door strike enables opening the door after entrance panel receives a 12 V voltage impulse. The unit is active as long as the button is pressed on subscriber's telephone or monitor.
Power: 12 V~
There are two types of electric door strikes: standard and automatic. Standard electric door strike activates only during pressing the door opening button on subscriber's device. Automatic electric door strike is also activated at the pressing of door opening button on subscriber's device, but it stays active until the door is closed (continual button pressing is therefore unnecessary). Automatic electric door strikes are useful when, for example, it is impossible to mount the door opening device next to the door.
Both types may be equipped with a block feature (i.e. manually set to either "always open" or "activated by the opening device" position). Such models are usually mounted in office blocks where they are blocked in "always open" position during working hours, and then set to the normal mode, in which door opening must be activated from the inside.
Two separate entrancesin door entry systems.
Door entry systems with two separate entrancess (accesses) become more and more common, especially in closed housing estates, where one panel enables entry into the estate and another to the block of flats. It is necessary to enable a user to communicate with every subscriber from each pannel.
Below you will find a diagram of such an installation in which Alcad products were used. It enables connecting together several control pannels, installed at different entrances in one door entry system. This installation enables communictation between each entrance and each subscriber as well as opening the entrance from which the call was received.