Engagingly about Antennas - 13th DIPOL's Summer Holiday Contest 2014

We invite you to see the pictures sent to
"Engagingly about Antennas" contest.
In addition to antennas, our greatest passion is photography.
If you share our interests, we invite you to participate in our competition

We are interested in photos where the main characters are antennas of any size and shape. We also appreciate photographs in which antennas make an interesting addition to the landscape or an interesting element of the composition. We encourage you to look for antennas in your environment (and anywhere you go).
The winners of the 13th DIPOL's holiday photo contest.

We thank all participants for taking part in our annual contest. The event is year-on-year becoming more popular. This year the number of the works was again record-breaking (330 photos).

The entries depict both the antennas in the neighborhoods of the authors and those that are rarely spotted by people. The jury has also noticed that many titles of the works are not only "captions", but have deeper meanings. Below there is a list of the winning (3) and honored (13) images and their authors:
  • Distinctions:
  • Joanna Kupis, Joanna Motylska-Komsta, Michał Jung, Wojtek Owczarzak, Janusz Bochenek, Jakub Skiba, Tomasz Okoniewski, Agnieszka Pruchnik, Wojciech Domagala, Aleksander Bartel, Paweł Florczyk, Sylwia Duraj, Aneta Synecka
    The honored authors will receive DIPOL Magic Mugs.
1st place - Pawel Adamek
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Photos submitted for this year's photo contest
(most captions are free translations into English, the original ones are in quotes)
Przemyslaw Morawski
TV Chameleon
Rajmund Kowalski
Dating in the perspective
Rajmund Kowalski
High tension
Aneta Synecka
Through the window
Joanna Kups
Jan Barabach
I want to be like mom
The last one on the route -
the dish under Toubkal
Marcin Sobczyk
Antenna 1
Joanna Motylska-Komsta
In the window
On the balcony
Maria Krawczyk
No longer needed
The ether
Michal Jung
A long range
A night broadcast
Piotr Markiewicz
A different order
Jan Podworny
Jan Podworny
Here and there ...
Agnieszka Maciejowska
Beata Raburska
Antenna in the urban jungle
White on black
Elzbieta Kula
In the apple paradise
TV tower in Berlin
Main transmitter in Lubuskie
Sara Andrzejewska
TVP dishes in Warsaw
Everything rusts?
Natalia Rutkiewicz
Everything rusts?
Natalia Rutkiewicz
A hodgepodge
Jerzy Stanczyk
Analog man
in the digital world
Lukasz Tomczak
Wojtek Owczarzak

Dish is a must!
Daniel Starzynski
Ewa Koczara
Ewa Koczara
Antenna like an aircraft carrier
Andrzej Błonski
In the countryside
Monika Starzynska
Antennas in sunset
Michal Chelstowski
An Italian way
Anna Zemlik
Anna Zemlik
Two towers
Zbigniew Serwinski
Jacek Majorowski
A collapse
Jacek Majorowski
Lukasz Mozalewski
The main transmitter
Lukasz Gonet
TV stack
Mariusz Choinski
In accordance with the nature
Janusz Terech
A supporting one
Dominika Wilk
Bartek Kubacki
The Sun
Andrzej Gacek
With a view of the world
Miroslaw Staszkiewicz
Sunrise on Costa Brava
Rafal Goluszka
"Keep In Touch" cycle
Pawel Adamek
The world of vision
Dominik Windorpski
TV landscape
Krzysztof Rainko
Antennas in Wadowice
Wlodek Piasecki
Antennas in Wadowice
Wlodek Piasecki
Straight to heaven
Janusz Bochenek
Interference on the air
Jakub Skiba
Semblance in shades of gray
Adrian Czechowski
The antenna's DNA
Tomasz Okoniewski
The antenna to the world
Mariusz Ziolkowski
Passageway under the dish
WiFi in the middle of nowhere
A part of tower in Tokarnia
Michal Jakubowicz
Professional solutions
on a tree
Robert Pomaranski
Working Saturday
Filip Malek
The frequency of rain
Filip Malek
Another perspective
Agnieszka Matuszyk
My own ground dish
Daniel Chojak
3.5 t
Andrzej Smolinski
Where is a spider
controlling the network?
Damian Lis
Modern technologies
Wiktor Stasiak
Evening reception
Grzesiek Kruczek
Przemyslaw Dobrowolski
Making tea on a dish
Justyna Mycek
Place somewhere
in the world...
Natalia Ficek
Antennas in summer
Ola Gołaszewska
Reception - Transmission
Agnieszka Pruchnik
Antennas of Bialystok
Filip Górnicki
Wandering in the clouds
Kinga Sosnowicz-Karczewska
WC service
Franciszek Kluczynski
The wall
Portrait of a sad antenna
Andrzej Oszmiana
Attention Attention
Andrzej Oszmiana
Leszek Grygorczuk
Antennas from my backyard 2014
Czyzkowski Boleslaw
For sport channels
Tomasz Lis
Snow drifts
Tomasz Lis
Medina of Fez, Morocco
Patryk Niemczyk
A residential building
in Jelenia Gora

An old antenna
Ryszard Ekert
Transmission tower on Chełmiec
Walbrzych - Lower Silesia
In three scenes
Magdalena Nurzynska
After storm
Andrzej Szpilewski
Family photo
Wojciech Jasinski
Cyprus seen from a roof
Izabela Kijak
Mateusz Feldzensztajn
Mateusz Feldzensztajn
Regina Jozkow
In the historic windows
Kazimierz Jankowski
Slippery slope
Rafal Sladewski
Antenna night
The most important "window"
Tomasz Olczak
Otherwise it does not work
A prison antenna
Antenna tower in Milomlyn I
Andrzej Krasnicki
Antenna tower in Milomlyn II
Innovations 2014
Sea signals
Jakub Lukasik
Rainbow amplitude
Greek atmosphere
Stanisław Ruminowicz
To different sides of the world
Elzbieta Bakowska
In the sunset
Ernest Popielec
Ernest Popielec
An old movie
In our yard
Anzhela Nadezhda
A high roof
Thai delights
A village on the water. Cambodia
Katarzyna Wilkanowska
Buddhist stupas
African poverty
Somewhere in the middle of the Sahara
Kacper Soszka
TV tower in Czestochowa
In the early morning
Katarzyna Podsiadla
On a store
Antennas on the background of sleeping Suwon
Dominik Koleda
RMF FM antennas
at the Kosciuszko Mound in Krakow
Alicja Horbatiuk
Observation tower on Chełmec
Alicja Horbatiuk
Dishes in Katowice
The roofs in Klodzko
Sylwia Biernacka
Pole vaulters in Portugal
At heights
Jolanta Majewska
Among the greenery
Technical break
Michał Gawryluk
Looking at the sea
Straight from the attic
Katarzyna Grabarczyk
TV in the old town
TV during the renovation
Ryszard Literacki
"Mickey Mouse"
Dawid Kamecki
Dating among antennas
Rafał Marcyniuk
Antenna tree
Lukasz Rzechula
Nothing will be missed...
Tomasz Przybyl
Antennas and "super" Moon
Paweł Majuch
Pine! Pine! ... Listening!
Aneta Siwik-Miecznik
Modern art
On the wave
Agnieszka Rusinowska
A sail composition
Good reception!
Hot news
Iwona Wilczek
Calling for 007!
The largest antenna
The antennas on the FM/TV relay on the St. Cross Mount
Jan Snopek
The tower on the St. Cross Mount
A pair
Adrianna Dulowska
Closer to heaven
Anna Nowak
Towards the West
Andrzej Szpilewski
Night Transfer
Katarzyna Waranska
Antenna Forest
Katarzyna Waranska
Amateur radio antenna at garden plot in Pradocin - Henryk Kubinski
An option...
Malgorzata Kosnik
Malgorzata Kosnik
Over the Rome roofs
Ewa Tomczak
TV transmitter Czestochowa-Bleszno
Konrad Trentkiewicz
"Back to back antennas"
"Logarithmic monster"
Costin Nicolau
"Good reception - Babele Peak"
For what is the line?
Wojciech Domagala
"Chinatown, Bangkok"
"Thong Lor, Bangkok"
Inga Lackorzynska
The oldest part of Chinatown, Bangkok
Antenna family
Anna Wojciuk
A winged antenna
Sylwester Kosnik
5 dishes
Sylwester Kosnik

"A dish from the air crucified storm"
"Installation dish tail pickaxe eutelsat w2 16"
Ndricim Bushaku
"Installation dish parabol 3m"
A Gray Antenna
Antenna With Green Light
Karolina Pawlak
Antenna With Serpentine
A glance at the antenna
Three religions - Christianity, Islam and ... television
Danuta Ruminowicz
To improve reception...
Interesting shot of the frosted
antenna grip on the roof of my car
Antennas on the candy
factory in Raciborz
Grzegorz Skaba
Antenna "forest" on the tower
of fire station in Raciborz
Marrakesh - the place where
antennas are playing hide and seek
Katarzyna Borecka
Aleksander Bartel
Aleksander Bartel
Spaceship ANTENNA
Wlodzimierz Ulatowski
Spaceship ANTENNA 2
Wlodzimierz Ulatowski
Engagingly about Antennas - Paulina Pawlik
Over the roofs of Aswan
A proof that they don't harm
Krzysztof Popczuk
As the eye can see
Marta's antennas
Railway antenna
Michał Zimon
Engine's antenna
A radio sea
All routes lead to antennas
Beata Peciakowska
Antenna village
Antennas in the mountain greenery
Cagliari at night

Olga Kluka
Honza and antennas in
Gennargentu (Sardinia)
Antenna vertigo
Patrycja Syrnik
My antenna on the stand
in a Portuguese sunset
Andrzej Karpinski
My antenna in a fog
Andrzej Karpinski
4 sides of the world
Mariusz Sosna
At heights
Pawel Florczyk
Antenna connecting people
Sylwia Duraj
Modernity in Old Town
Piotr Halasa
Satellite TV in Wroclaw
Grzegorz Dobies
Antennas in Athena
Marta Czernecka
A June evening
Emilia Ablazewicz
Two towers
Pawel Zajac
Among antennas
Pawel Zajac
Antennas before storm
Rafał Korban
TV tower in Lodz
Antenna tower
Ireneusz Barszczewski
Here Gliwice Radio Station
Jaroslaw Sawicki
An amateur antenna
in Wroclaw
Damian Pierz
An amateur antenna
in Wroclaw
Damian Pierz
Ireneusz Barszczewski
Antenna congestion
Tomasz Cibulla
Tomasz Cibulla
Marcin Gniewek
A Krakow's panorama
from the closed Forum hotel
Marcin Gniewek
A tree
Marcin Gniewek
Sylwester Kosnik
No life without a dish
Grzegorz Pakula
No life without a dish
Grzegorz Pakula
Big sister
A little one seen
from Camp Nou
Wladysław Czulak
A wide offer
Gliwice - in series
Glucholazy - view from the tower
Jozefa Bielecka
Pszczyna - in the market square
Today, explosions on the Sun ...
Piotr Kuchcinski
Antennas in the copper
color of the setting sun
Piotr Ochocki
City of contrasts and antennas
Piotr Ochocki
Rainbow Programming
Tomasz Swierczek
At the end of the rainbow
Bartlomiej Barczynski
At the end of the rainbow
Bartlomiej Barczynski
Grzegorz Kaluzinski
Guardian of the antenna
Grzegorz Mergielski
Pawel Pietrolaj
"Antena yagi din blocul vecin
-str. Cimpia libertatii"
"antene yo3biz -pe bloc -verticale
pentru banda de 14 MHz.
si banda 21 MHz"
Chirulescu Valentin - Alexandru
"Antene yo3biz -si antena
dipol pentru 28 MHz."
Antenna array
A Yagi antenna
Rafał Fałda
A Digital Polsat tower
"Antenna tower near Lugano / Switzerland, on mount San Salvatore"
"Antennas in the front of my balcony"
Sorin Daniel Barbu
"Me & my friend on a top of a mountain with our transceiver & antenna"
"This was a vertical antenna 001, 030, 036"
"This was a vertical antenna 001, 030, 036"
Virgil Zorila
"This was a vertical antenna 001, 030, 036"
A roadside village
A small store in Aglou,
Wojciech Kocot
An antenna stall
in Madagascar
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