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Photo Contest

Engagingly about Antennas - 17th DIPOL's Summer Holiday Contest 2018
Antennas are everyday companions of our lives. We meet them everywhere, regardless of geographical latitude and longitude, political system or height above sea level. Usually, we pay no attention to them unless they take on spectacular sizes and forms, such as the radio telescope in Arecibo or the famous "Eye of Moscow". Despite the common nature of the majority of the devices, we believe that even the inconspicuous antennas that inhabit the roofs of houses and various kinds of buildings can be interesting or even beautiful objects, or be at least an interesting addition to the landscape or some other composition.
So, already for seventeen years now, we have been organizing a photographic competition bringing together people capable of finding in antennas various aesthetic values. So far, we have received nearly 4,000 different works presenting these devices from a previously unknown perspective. We encourage you to notice antennas in your surroundings and look at them from a slightly different point of view. Please send us the fruits of your search. Traditionally, the works will be adjudicated by professional photographer from Krakow, Mr. Pawel Zechenter. The winners of the competition will receive prizes that will certainly facilitate their further explorations.

    DIPOL's staff
How to take part in the Contest?
  • You should know the rules of the Contest.
  • Send your picture(s) to
  • Subject: "DIPOL Photo Contest", Body: Title(s) of the picture(s), Name & Surname of the Author, An optional comment on the picture/s.
  • The picture(s) can be submitted from June 1, 2018 to September 28, 2018.
  • Each Participant may submit up to 3 pictures.
  • Each picture must be in .jpg format, min. size of 1600 x 1200 pixels.
  • The results of the Contest will be announced on October 15, 2018 in DIPOL Weekly Review and on DIPOL's profile on Facebook. The winners will also be notified by emails.
  • The 1st place winner will receive a high-class photographic stand Manfrotto 290 LIGHT with 3D 293D3 photo head.
  • The 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive Fujifilm Instax Mini camera.
  • Honored participants will get mugs from DIPOL's collection.
Photos submitted for this year's photo contest
Original captions (where included)
Zasięg w każdych warunkach - Korfu, Pantokrator
Bartłomiej Koc
Anteny b&w
Piotr Tomala
Antena o zachodzie
Mars Napada
Krzysztof Wojtanowski
Milewicz od tego odbiera wszystkie programy
Jarosław Milewicz
Sybilla Tal
Sybilla Tal
Maciej Gancarski
Maciej Gancarski
Kwadratura koła
Paweł Florczyk
A jednak kibicujemy naszym
Leszek Betański
Wieża Telewizyjna w Berlinie
Karolina Siwiec
Grunt to dobry maszt
Andrzej Kozobucki
Antena Radio AM si antene WiMAX
Fănică Constantin Colbea
Antena Radio AM si antene WiMAX
Fănică Constantin Colbea
Końca nie widać
Krzysztof Jończyk
Lost Frequency
Olaru Laura-Elena
Kwiaty balkonowe
Patrycja Rypalska
Antena na antenie
Anna Szwałkiewicz
Boskie fale
Krajobraz niecodzienny
Aleksandra Durdyń
Antena kuchenna
TV trafiła pod strzechy
Janusz Sitarski
Antena ma zawsze
najlepsze widoki
Sylwia Kukułka
"W czerni i bieli"
Mateusz Bołtruczyk
"W czerni i bieli"
Mateusz Bołtruczyk
"Zdjęcia z mojego podwórka"
Jolanta Czyżkowska
"Ciemne chmury się zbierają"
Damian Kaczor
"Wschód słońca"
Damian Kaczor
"Multibander 7-PL"
Wojciech Szarpała
"Micro & Macro Antena"
Tomasz Szymczak
Majorka Trasa
Tomasz Szymczak
"Antena widziane
z usteckiej promenady
z wysokości pomnika Chopina"
Tomasz Szymczak
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