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Engagingly about Antennas - 17th DIPOL's Summer Holiday Contest 2018
The rules of the Contest

I) General
  • 1) The DIPOL's Summer Holiday Contest (the Contest) is organized by DIPOL company (details), hereafter the Organizer.

  • 2) The Entrant (Participant) is every person who submits a photo/picture (Work) to the given email address.

  • 3) By submitting a Work to the Contest, the Participant accepts all the rules and confirms the authenticity of his/her personal data.

  • 4) The Participant declares that he/she:
    • a) took the uploaded photo(s) on his/her own or is the owner of the copyright;
    • b) has permission of the photographed people for publication of the photo(s) in any form and in any media, and assumes full responsibility for any claims of a portrayed person or his/her representatives that might be made against the Organizer of the Contest. In the case of copyright infringement, it is the sole responsibility of the Participant;
    • c) consents to the processing of his/her personal data by the Organizer in accordance with the Polish law;
    • d) permits the Organizer to use the pictures without payment, in any form and at any time, in order to promote the Contest and DIPOL company.

II) Participation in the Contest
    1) The Contest is open to the general public.
    2) Participation is free of charge.
    3) Participation is voluntary.
    4) Each Participant may submit a maximum of 3 pictures.
    5) Technical requirements of the Organizer:
    • Each picture must be in .jpg format, min. size of 1600 x 1200 pixels.
    • The Organizer accepts ONLY PICTURES WITH AN ANTENNA. The "ANTENNA" term means here any "electrical device which converts electric power into radio waves, and vice versa" (Wikipedia). So, this definition is not fulfilled e.g. by high-voltage transmission towers, the antennae of insects etc. Works that do not fulfill this requirement will not be accepted. The antenna(s) (antenna/aerial, satellite antenna/dish etc.) in the picture must be visible, i.e distinguishable from the environment (the background or foreground of the picture).
    • The photos taken for the contest can be modified as follows: change of the contrast and saturation (any changes in levels and curves), cropping, scaling, sharpening, blurring and applying artistic filters.
    • The Works may not contain graphics or text added in post-production or elements from other images. The exception are collages.
    • Photos/reproductions of other photographs/pictures will not be accepted.
    • It is not permitted to upload photos with pornographic, obscene, racist, or any abusive content. Such pictures will not be presented or taking part in the Contest.
    • Pictures that were sent to the previous editions of the Contest will not be accepted.
    • The Works can be sent only by email, in the formats listed above. The Organizer will not open any links to hosting services etc.
    • The Works can be submitted from June 1, 2018 to September 28, 2018. Outside this period they will not be accepted.
    6) The Works should be sent to
    Subject: "DIPOL Photo Contest", Body: Title(s) of the Work(s), Name & Surname of the Author, An optional comment on the picture/s.
    7) The pictures sent to the Contest by each Participant cannot be substituted by any "new" pictures of the Participant (as mentioned, each Participant can send up to three photos, any additional ones will not be accepted).
    8) The results of the Contest will be announced in DIPOL Weekly Review on October 15, 2018. The winners will also be notified by emails.
    9) The Organizer reserves the right to reject any submitted Work(s) without giving a reason.

III) Prizes
    1) There will be three main prizes, and additional distinctions. The number of the distinctions will be decided during the assessment of all works.
    2) The Organizer reserves the right to substitute a prize of greater or equal value in the case of an event independent from the Organizer, in particular if any prize cannot be awarded as described due to unavailability.

IV) Final provisions
    1) The Contest is not betting or gambling.

    2) The final and ultimate interpretation of these regulations is made by the Organizer.

    3) The Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook (a complete release of Facebook by each Participant).

    4) DIPOL will not provide any confirmations of participation in the competition except for commemorative diplomas for winners and honored authors.

    5) The rules come into force on the date of the commencement of the Contest, i.e. June 1, 2018.
V Personal data protection
    1) The Organizer will collect from each Participant the following data:
    • Email address(es),
    • First and last name.

    2) Additionally, the Organizer will collect from each winning and honored Participant the following data:
    • Address of the place of residence (for sending the prize),
    • A contact phone number.

    3) The personal data of the Participants and winners are processed in order to they can participate in the Competition and the Organizer can consider complaints, select the winners and the honored, and inform Participants about the start and end of the Competition by emails.

    4) The provision of personal data is voluntary, but necessary to participate in the Competition. Persons who provide personal data have the right to:
    • access to the data,
    • data correction,
    • data deletion.

    5) The administrator of the data of Participants, winners and the honored, is DIPOL Spolka Jawna headquartered in Krakow, Cieplownicza 40 street, NIP: 6780101049. The processing of personal data will take place on the basis of the Act of August 29, 1997, on the protection of personal data (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2016, item 922).
Pictures from the previous years: