The DS-1250ZJ protective shade has been designed for use with dome cameras mounted on walls. The plastic shade additionally protects the camera against precipitation and dirt.
Code: M5131

The cabinet protects a DVR/NVR against unauthorized access or theft.
Code: M5713

The housing is used to protect the DVR from unauthorized access or theft.
• Application: digital CCTV DVRs
• Dimensions of DVR space: W1=375, H1=335, D1=95 [mm, +/-2]
• Tamper protection: tamper – opening of the housing and optional detachment from the wall
• Surface-mounted, lockable
• Vertical DVR mounting
Code: M5719W
Temporarily unavailable

The DS-1604ZJ-CORNER is a steel and aluminum bracket with a corner adapter, designed for corner mounting of Hikvision PTZ cameras with a 4", 5", 6", 8" dome size.
• Steel and aluminum bracket for PTZ cameras
• Compatible dome size: 4", 5", 6", 8"
• Maximum load: 10 kg
• Color: white
Code: K1706

Mount with a pole adapter, designed for mounting cameras on a pole with a diameter of 130-152 mm.
• Load capacity: 4 kg
• Pole diameter: 80-150 mm
• Material of construction: steel and aluminium
Code: M4562
- 10%
Previous lowest price: €19.41

The DS-1661ZJ bracket is designed for HIKVISION cameras. It is made of aluminum alloy and is used for mounting of PTZ cameras on the ceiling.
• Color: white
• Ceiling mount
• Made of aluminum alloy
• Application: indoor and outdoor
• Compatibility: Hikvision PTZ cameras (except DS-2AE-714)
• Dimensions: dia. 116.5 x 200 mm
• Maximum load: 30 kg
• Weight: 0.94 kg
Code: M5118

The DS-1271ZJ-140 ceiling mount is designed for HIKVISION cameras. Made of aluminum alloy, it allows to mount the dome camera on the ceiling.
• Color: white
• Ceiling mounting
• Construction: aluminum alloy
• Maximum load: 4.5 kg
• Dimensions: 150 x 565 mm
• Weight: 1.63 kg
Code: M5119
Temporarily unavailable

Hikvision DS-1271ZJ-120 ceiling mount, made of aluminum alloy, has been designed for dome cameras of that manufacturer.
Code: M5122

The DS-1259ZJ junction box is designed for mounting ceiling HIKVISION cameras. It enables the installer to mount the camera at an angle and hide connections. The box is dedicated for cameras from the DS-2CD21XX series.
Code: M5123

DS-1258ZJ wall mount made of plastics has been designed for HIKVISION cameras of DS-2CD21xx series. A large space inside the bracket allows for placing connections there.
Code: M5130