AXON PoE Multi NetProtector is designed for surge protection of devices connected to Ethernet 10/100 Mb/s networks, such as network interface cards, hubs, switches, routers etc.
• Protection of LAN segment, including PoE solutions
• Protection of IP CCTV equipment
• Protection for all four paths (pairs)
• Threshold voltages adjusted to the function of a pair (data transmission or PoE)
• For 10/100 Mbps Ethernet networks
Code: J2837

AXON PRO Video IP Protector is four-channel surge protector of IP CCTV systems using Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps networks and PoE+ technology of remote power supply. The PoE+ technology allows for supplying power to devices with higher energy consumption, such as HD cameras.
• Socket type: RJ45
• Number of paths: 4
• Protected cable wires: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
• Dimensions: 167x50x32 mm
• Pass-through for PoE supply
Code: J2845

D-SEP/HD is a 1-channel galvanic separator for signals transmitted via 75 ohm coaxial cable.
• Isolation between different points of the system, such as cameras and DVR
• Potential difference protection
• Signals in CVBS, AHD, HD-CVI and HD-TVI up to 8 MP.
Code: M17105
Temporarily unavailable

The device lessens the risk of damage caused by surges in power lines to TV, stereo, computer or other electronic equipment.
Code: P1316

ACAR S8 FA RACK is designed for supplying power safely to up to eight devices mounted in a 19" rack cabinet. It provides protection against surges occurring in 230 VAC power line and has 8 outlets with grounding. The power strip is equipped with illuminated switch and automatic circuit breaker. The ...
• Number of sockets: 8
• Dimensions: 445x54x55 mm
• Maximum total output current: 10 A
Code: P1319

Acar 504 WF RACK is designed for supplying power safely to up to five devices mounted in a 19" rack cabinet. The device from Acar 504 series has 5 outlets with grounding that, thanks to application of quick varistors, ensure protection against surges occurring in 230 VAC power line. The power strip ...
• Five AC power outlets with grounding contact
• Power ON indicator (illuminated switch)
• Two fast fuses
• Quick varistors
• Efficient RFI filter
• Inflammable housing (self-extinguishing plastics)
• Ergonomic layout
• Hardware for mounting in a 19" rack cabinet
Code: P1322