• General-purpose crimping tool for F, BNC and other connectors
• Suitable for RG-174, H-155, RG-6 cables
• Made of solid materials
Code: E8000

In a way, many antennas protect the cooperating transceivers (APs, GSM repeaters) against atmospheric discharges. These antennas are DC short-circuited. However, it is not a sufficient solution in the case of a direct strike. A good solution is mounting the antenna on a mast/tower, the base of which...
• Protection of a GSM amplifier/repeater against lightning surges
• Max transmitted power: 200 W
• VSWR <1.1
• Insertion loss: 0.2 dB
Code: A6815

1-metre long USB-C to micro USB cable for charging and data transfer between electronic devices.
• Length 1 m,
• Connector A: USB-C
• Connector B: Micro USB
• USB 2.0 standard
Code: E0080