GRANDWAY FHO3000L-D26 is an optical time-domain reflectometer used to measure reflectance, estimate loss and analyze events in optical paths. Affordable price and good parameters of the device are the reasons for a wide range of applications in testing optical networks, from point-to-point links to ...
• Diagnostics of optical paths with lengths up to a hundred or so kilometers
• 5-inch multi-touch screen
• Measurements of reflectance, estimation of loss and analysis of events at 1310 nm and 1550 nm wavelengths
• 26/24 dB dynamic range
• Built-in optical power meter and VLF source (visible light)
• FLM (Fiber Link Map) - graphical representation of events in the fiber link
• Memory of 40,000 measurements
• PC software for data analysis and reporting
• Small size, easy operation
Code: L5828

ULTIMODE OR-20-S3S5-iSMV is a device designed for measuring and diagnosing optical fibre connections. It combines the functions of: an OTDR, optical power meter, light source and visual fault locator.
• OTDR and fibre optic connection tester
• 3.5 inch screen with multi-touch function
• User-friendly interface similar to that of a smartphone
• Measurement at 1310 nm and 1550 nm wavelengths
• 20 dB dynamics
• Light source and power meter function to perform measurements with the transmission method
• Detailed analysis of the entire optical path of up to 80 km
• Assistance to verify events and failures: broken or bent fibre, dirty connectors, bad splices, etc.
• Possibility of "Pass/Fail" verification
• Option for creating measurement reports pdf/xls
Code: L5830