Signal Fire AI-9 is a splicer that has a built-in optical power meter and VFL visual fault locator.
• Built-in power meter and visual fault locator
• 6 motors responsible for positioning the fiber
• Positioning to the core or to the fiber sheath
• Auto mode
• Image magnification x300
• 4-core processor for speed
• Min. splicing time of 6 seconds
• Fast heating – it takes 15 s to splice a 40 mm splice sheath
• Configuration via phone app (Android/iOS)
• Large (5.1'') display with adjustable brightness
• Possibility to create welding reports via dedicated app (export to xls)
• Metal housing covered with rubber underneath
• About 240 welding and splicing cycles from one charge
• Battery charging time – about 3.5 h
• Vast set of accessories.
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Sendun SD-9 fiber optic splicer is designed to connect optical fibers. It uses core positioning technology with auto focus.
• 6 motors responsible for positioning the fibers
• 4-core processor for fast operation
• Positioning to the core or to the fiber cladding
• Ability to work in Auto mode or one of 41 presets
• Built-in optical power meter and VFL visual fault locator
• Image magnification x380
• The speed of the motors
• Min. splicing time 5 seconds
• Min. splicing time for splice cover 40 mm 11 s
• 4.3'' touch screen
• 7200 mAh battery allowing for an average of 320 splicing + heating cycles
• Electrode lifespan - approximately 5,000 splices
• Universal fiber holders
• Practical, capacious box
• Rich set of accessories
• Guillotine with autorotation function
• Menu in English or Polish
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The Signal Fire S-06 L5882 fiber optic cleaver ensures maximum ease of use while maintaining the highest repeatability of cutting.
• Universal blade for cutting optical fibers
• Fibers in the coating from 250 μm to 900 μm
• Fibers in the 125 μm primary coating
• 3 mm flat cables/patch cables
• Cutting length: 10-20 mm
• Replaceable 16 position blade
Code: L5882

The blade is intended for the Signal Fire S-06 L5882 cleaver.
Code: L5883

Li-Ion rechargeable battery for Signal Fire AI-9 L5875 AI-8 L5870 and AI-7 L5880 fusion splicers. The 7800 mAh capacity of the fully charged battery allows for performing ca. 200 splices. The battery is easily replaceable by the user (no need to open the splicer).
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Set of electrodes for Signal Fire beginning with AI-7. The set enables the user to perform about 3000 splices. The replacement procedure is described in the user manuals of the splicers.
Code: L5885