The FORSCHER FS8114 device is used to test cabling continuity, measure cable lengths and distances to faults. It can detect connection faults in UTP/STP network cables, telephone and coaxial cables. In addition, the FS8114 tester is equipped with an advanced locator of wire pairs. The operation is b...
• Cable types tested: UTP/STP cat. 5, 5e, 6, 7, telephone, coaxial
• Cable length measurement
• Measurement frequency: 130 kHz
• Measurement method: capacitive
• Maximum length: 2000 m
• Minimum length: 1 m
• "Find port" – quick search of the port in a network device
• Searching and testing cables in PoE mode (passive PoE)
• Pair integrity test
• Measuring voltages on individual conductors (POE)
• Transmitter voltage protection: 60 VAC / 48 VDC
• Auto-OFF function
• Battery discharge indicator
• Record of measurement results in the device memory
• Built-in visual fault locator (VFL) for optical cables
• Power: 9 V battery (included)
Code: N7050

The FS8117 cable tester allows to test UTP/STP cables: cable quality, attenuation, length, distance to failure, short-circuit, improperly crimped connectors, Ping test, correct connection to the router, PoE voltage test, scan of active IPs in the network. Precision inductive probe – high power pair ...
• Cable types tested: Twisted Pair Cat. 5, 5e, 6, 7 (UTP/STP), telephone, coaxial
• Cable length testing
• ”Find port” function for quick search of ports in network devices
• Finding and testing cables in PoE mode (passive PoE)
• Pair integrity test
• PoE conductor voltage measurement
• Auto shutdown at idle
• Battery low indicator
• Storage of measurement results in device memory
• PING test
• IP Scan
• Quick identification of connected network port
Code: N7051
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Terminators enable detection and testing of 8 wires (ID2-ID9). They work with FORSCHER FS8117 N7051 meter.
• Number of terminators: 8
• Cable types tested: Twisted Pair Cat. 5, 5e, 6, 7 (UTP/STP)
• Identification of specific twisted pair cable
Code: N70511

The tester helps installers to build LAN or telephone systems and service existing networks. It tests cable continuity, detects shorts circuits and incorrect connections. The set consists of two parts - the master and remote part (terminator) - that are used at the opposite ends of the tested cable....
• Tests of LAN/phone cables continuity
• Suitable for UTP, FTP and phone cables
• RJ45 and RJ11 connectors
• Automatic or manual mode
Code: N7055