Increasingly, home LAN, TV, CCTV devices are compliant with RACK system and are mounted in such cabinets which ensure esthetic look and protection against accidental mechanical damage.
• Glazed front door (24U)
• Self-assembling time ca 10 minutes (one person)
• Multiple ventilation holes
• Vertical cable organizers
• Marked distances (1U) on mounting rails
Code: R912011

19" RACK cabinet suitable for mounting all sorts of devices in standard 19" rack housings, as well as some devices not compliant with this standard. Ideal for installing LAN, antenna, CCTV equipment, also in building/home systems. Rack cabinets provide esthetic look and protection against accidental...
• Designed for installation of large-sized equipment (servers, headends, DVRs, NVRs, etc.) or double-sided devices
• Useful height: 24U, depth: 800 mm
• Quick installation, robust construction
• 4 casters, 4 stabilizing legs
Code: R912012