Universal, multi-stream CAM CI module (for simultaneous decoding of multiple programs).
• CAM CI multi-stream module
• Dedicated to headends
Code: A9952
Temporarily unavailable

The ZMC-1 R77210 component is a EURO TH35 rail with a length of 380 mm, receding by 100 mm in relation to the front of the RACK cabinet. The element is made of hard aluminum (PA11) sheet with 2 mm thickness.
• Allows to mount different types of equipment in RACK cabinet
• Front installation
• EURO TH35 rail included
• Dedicated for Terra channel DVB-T amplifiers
• Material: alluminium PA11
• Colour: black
Code: R77210

The ZMD-35 R77335 component is a EURO TH35 rail with length of 430 mm recessed by 100 mm from the front of the RACK cabinet. The component is made of hard PA11 aluminum sheet with thickness of 2 mm. The ZMD-35 can be loaded with evenly distributed devices with a total weight of 12 kg. The set includ...
Code: R77335

The HDR-60-12 power supply is dedicated for Terra channel amplifiers, transmodulators and IP Terra streamers mounted on universal DIN rail.
• 12 VDC power supply
• 4.5 A output current
• Dedicated for channel amplifiers, transmodulators and TERRA IP streamers
• Mounted on universal DIN rail in RACK cabinets
Code: R82532

• A 12 V power supply for TERRA modules,
• Current capacity: 4.5 A,
• DIN rail mounting,
• Distribution cables for passing supply voltage between adjacent modules included in the kit.
Code: R82533

The UP410S R82535 power supply is designed for supplying with 12 VDC voltage a range of TERRA signal processing devices (broadband and channel amplifiers, transmodulators, analog and digital modulators, IPTV modules) mounted on universal DIN rails, e.g. R82538, or on the R82539 mounting plate for 19...
Code: R82535

Universal DIN rail mounting bracket matching 19-inch RACK cabinets. Height: 1U, color: white.
• Universal DIN rail for RACK cabinets
• Height: 1U
• Color: white
Code: R82538

The CD001 metal housing with DIN rail BD001 mounted on the rear panel is designed for mounting devices, in particular TERRA headend components.
• Compact dimensions
• For TERRA headend
Code: R90001
Temporarily unavailable

The fan panel is used to cool the equipment housed in the CD001 metal housing for the TERRA headend.
• Fan panel designed to cool the devices in the CD001 metal housing
• 3 fans
• Thermostat
Code: R90002