Low noise LNB LWB202L Wideband LO 10.41 GHz for SAT systems
• LNB type: Wideband
• LO oscillator frequency: 10.41 GHz
• Low-noise LNB
• Two outputs: V-polarization, H-polarization
• Bracket diameter: 40 mm
Code: A98210

The GT-WB1 LNB is dedicated for applications in multiswitch systems using Wide Band technology. It is based on a single local oscillator operating at 10.41 GHz.
• LNB type: Wide band for multiswitch systems
• Half of the cables (2 instead of 4)
• Two outputs: V polarization, H polarization
• Gain: 50-60 dB
• Neck diameter: 40 mm
Code: A98222

The IDLP-WDB401 is an LNB used in multiswitch systems operating in Wide Band technology.
• Wideband LNB
• Local oscillator: 10.41 GHz
• Low noise
Code: A98233

The optical kit RF/SAT OTX 1310 KIT TRIAX enables the user to distribute DVB-S/S2 satellite signals, digital terrestrial TV (DVB-T2), DAB radio and FM radio via fiber optic cables.
• Fiber optic cabling
• One fiber optic cable instead of 5 or 9 cable bus
• Wideband LNB dedicated for satellite installation
Code: A9860