The SIGNAL 18 VDC / 1 A R71451 power supply is dedicated for multiswitches from the MRP series. The cable is terminated with F plug.
Code: R71451

The SIGNAL 2A 18 VDC R71455 power supply is intended for powering MRP and TERRA MV/MS multiswitches. The output is terminated with F male connector.
Code: R71455

Small and powerful AC/DC adapter dedicated for multiswitch systems. The power supply does not have a separate ON/OFF switch.
Code: R71465

The power supply is dedicated for Terra Digital SCR multiswitch systems. The output F-male connector provides 20 VDC voltage (+ at the tip) with current capacity 2 A. The input voltage can be within 180 to 240 VAC range (50 Hz).
Code: R71468