Indoor FM antenna (88-108 MHz) packed in cardboard box. The included AC/DC adapter is equipped with output voltage regulation that adjusts the built-in amplifier's gain. The RF cable is terminated with antenna connector.
Code: A0240

Broadband TV antenna with amplifier 40 dB powered from USB port.
• TV antenna, broadband
• Amplification up to 40 dB with steeples adjustment
• Output impedance: 75 Ohm
• USB supply: 5V/25 mA
Code: A0242

SONUS-TV is an indoor TV antenna with a 25 dB amplifier.
• Frequency band 174 - 862 MHz (VHF, UHF)
• Built-in 25 dB amplifier
• H/V polarization
• Number of components 1
• Power adapter included
Code: A0250

The active DVB-T antenna has been designed for reception of DVB-T/T2 channels both in VHF band (174-230 MHz) and in UHF band (470-790 MHz). The antenna can be used indoors or can be installed outdoors. The built-in low-noise high-gain amplifier with integrated LTE filter ensures very good performan...
• DVB-T antenna for indoor or outdoor use
• Receiving signals with horizontal and vertical polarization
• Low-noise high-gain amplifier
• Integrated LTE filter,
• High-quality materials resistant to UV radiation
Code: A6045