The RNL-01 unit is used to control receivers/actuators of Exta Free system by a foot switch. The transmitter can be placed on a floor or other flat surface to control lighting, heating, air conditioning system etc.
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EXTA FREE wireless remote controls: 2-channel P-257/2 F5112 , 4-channel P-257/4 F5114 and 8-channel P-256/8 F5118 are universal transmitters that control various functions of other EXTA FREE system components (receivers): switching on / switching off light or heating, dimming / lighting up light, ...
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The RWG-01 remotely controlled power outlet can switch on/off power for any electrical appliances with 230 VAC rated voltage and power consumption below 4000 VA. The outlet can be wirelessly controlled by any remotes from the EXTA FREE system. There is no need for an installation - the RWG-01 is plu...
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The RDP-01 wireless dimmer cooperates with traditional light bulbs and compact halogen lamps powered by electronic or toroidal power supply transformers. Such radio dimmers are used both as installation components located in flush or surface mounted boxes, and drivers placed directly in housings of ...
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