F-connector: 6.8 mm twist-on [100pcs.]

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F connector made of nickel-plated copper. It is fully corrosion-proof, and can be used it both, indoors and outdoors.
• Connector type: F twist-on
• Diameter: 6.8 mm
• Material: nickel-plated copper
• No crimping required
• Dedicated to RG-6 class cables
• Package 100 pcs.


3-year warranty.



The same article is sold per item as E8013
F connector made of nickel-plated copper. These materials make the connector fully corrosion-proof, enabling to use it both indoors and outdoors. This feature considerably extends the period of operation of the connections made, without a need of cleaning or other maintenance. It also minimizes attenuation of the signal.
Price for 100 pieces


Product type Plug
connector type F
Cable mounting Threaded
Toolless Yes
Cable family RG-6 Dipolnet
Specyfikacja techniczna
Impedance Ohm 75
Material Basic Cooper
Finishing Nickel
Gasket Ethylene propylene rubber
Dimensions Inner diameter mm 6,8