F-F Coaxial Bridge 780.026 - for Terra ch. amps (48.5mm)



F-F Coaxial Bridge 699.026 (male-to-male fast, for Terra at/mt/am 36mm wide modules)
View of the bridge
The 780.026 R82541 bridge is used for signal links between the outputs and inputs of adjacent modules (of at440 R82511, ma400 R82520 amplifiers and mdx420 R82518 modulators). It has two F-male fast connectors.
Notice: the bridge is dedicated for connecting modules with the width of 48.5 mm.
The complete Terra solution for MATV (shared antenna) systems includes:
  • R82510 - at420 - twin channel amplifier
  • R82511 - at440 - four-channel amplifier
  • R82515 - mt420 - twin VSB TV modulator
  • R82520 - ma400 - high-level multiband amplifier (FM/VHFIII/UHF)
  • R82532 - DR-60-12 - DIN rail power supply capable of powering up to 8 system devices
  • R82536 - 699.20 - DC distribution cable for 4 modules
  • R82538 - universal DIN rail mounting bracket matching 19-inch RACK cabinets for up to 8 system devices and power supply
  • R82540 - 699.026 - F-F coaxial bridge for signal links between adjacent modules
An example set of the amplifiers and modulators for a MATV system. For maximum stability,
the number of modules on each side of the power supply should not exceed 4 units.


Product type Jumper
Model 780.026
Connectors F plug
Application in TERRA devices on DIN rail Width mm 48