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F Compression Connector PCT-TRS-6-NT (for RG-6 cable)
Code: E80330
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E80332F-connector MASTER F 6 (compressed on RG-6)
F Compression Connector PCT-TRS-6-NT (for RG-6 cable)
View of the connector
F Compression Connector PCT-TRS-6-NT (for RG-6 cable)
Opposite side view

Sectional views of the new and compressed connector (on RG-6 cable)
The sectional views perfectly show how the E80330 connector is compressed on the cable. Two compression rings ensure high resistance to break and waterproof termination of the cable. Freely rotating nut with precise thread eliminates the known problems of installers with connecting RF devices equipped with F sockets.
The professional compression connector TRS-6 NT E80330 is dedicated for the following cables:
  • E1230_100 RG-6 Cu
  • E1231_100 RG-6 Cu PE
  • E1232_100 RG-6 Fe/Cu
American design and excellent precision make the job of installer much easier. The recommended compression tool - PCT-AIO-CT E80075.
Distinguishing features
  • wide operating band - up to 3 GHz,
  • waterproof termination of the cable,
  • resistance to corrosion - made of non-ferrous metals and highest-quality dielectric,
  • very low loss in the whole operating band,
  • perfect matching to the transmission line within the whole operating band,
  • simple and quick assembly: longitudinal compression,
  • properly compressed connection is highly resistant to break, due to dual compression rings,
  • monolithic construction,
  • the termination of the cable (stripping) should be performed with the E80074 tool (1/4" and 1/4"),
  • the connector can be screwed on the socket with 7/16" wrench,
  • to be compressed with PCT-AIO-CT E80075 compressing tool,
  • quick and easy assembly, as well as stability of operation of the equipment are really worth the price.
NameF Compression Connector PCT PCT-TRS-6-NT (for RG-6)
Body materialC 360 brass
Body finishNickel tin
O-ringEthylene-propylene rubber
Physical dimensions
Body outer diameter10.7 mm
Body inner diameter8.2 mm
Mandrel inner diameter4.7 mm
Electrical parameters
Return loss
-28 dB up to 3 GHz
Insertion loss
-0.2 dB up to 3 GHz
RFI shielding-80 dB
The connector fulfills the following requirements:
Cable retentionSCTE-IPS-TP-401pull force > 178 N
Chemical resistanceBLCR-GR-1503-CORE 4.7no cracking or swelling
Corrosion resistanceBLCR-GR-1503-CORE 3.2.11000 hours in salt spray
Dielectric strengthBLCR-GR-1503-CORE 3.5.21 kV AC for one minute
Equipment interfaceBLCR-GR-1503-CORE 3.2.410 matings with torque 4.47 Nm without damage
Insertion lossBLCR-GR-1503-CORE 3.5.3< 0.05 dB up to 350 MHz
< 0.1 dB up to 700 MHz
< 0.2 dB up to 1 GHz
Installation forceSCTE IPS-TP-004< 89 N
Loosening torqueBLCR-GR-1503-CORE 4.2> 3.35 Nm
Moisture migrationSCTE IPS-TP-013no dye penetration after 5 days of temperature cycling
Ozone degradationBLCR-GR-1503-CORE 4.170 hours exposure
Return loss
SCTE IPS-TP-110> 30 dB up to 1GHz
Salt fogBLCR-ASTM B 117> 30 dB up to 1GHz
Shielding effectivenessSCTE IPS-TP-403> 100 dB up to 300 MHz,
> 90 dB up to 1GHz
Temperature cycling with humidityBLCR GR-1503 4.1pull force > 178 N
UV degradationBLCR-GR-1503-CORE 4.8no change after 7 days
VibrationBLCR-GR-1503-CORE 4.6loosening torque after vibration > 3.57 Nm


Withdrawn from the offer
E80332F-connector MASTER F 6 (compressed on RG-6)
F Compression Connector PCT-TRS-6-NT (for RG-6 cable)
Code: E80330