Fiber optic cable: Fibertechnic DAC 2J 9/125 G.657A1 2.5 kN

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Fibertechnic DAC 2J 9/125 G.657A1 cable with 2 fibers is designed for direct underground installation.
• 2 fibers G.657A1
• PE sheath and design to allow cable to be installed directly in the ground
• Resistance to crushing 2500 N
• Maximum tensile strength of 1000 N


4-year warranty.



Note: the maximum cable length shipped in a parcel is 500 m. Longer sections can be shipped by courier.
ZTT DAC 2J 9/125 G.657A1 L79302 is designed for direct underground installation. The cable has an HDPE sheath with high crushing resistance (1500 N). Cables with such sheath are also resistant to low temperatures. It can be used on the last mile of a FTTH system, as well as any installation that requires in ground connections, where casing pipes cannot be used for additional protection.
The cable can also be installed in existing tubing, with the maximum installation tension of 1200 N.
The central tube contains 2 single-mode G.657A1 fibers.
The central tube is filled with gel to protect fibers from moisture and vibration and the cable itself has a water blocking structure (WB). The cable is reinforced with two 0.5 mm diameter FRP bars.
Despite its high mechanical resistance, the cable is very easy to process. No dedicated tools are required to remove the outer sheath: a simple cleaver (to perform a cut of several centimeters along the central tube) and a pair of pliers (to tear up the outer sheath with FRP rods) are all you need. To cut the tube, use the Ideal L5922 stripper.
Key features:
  • HDPE sheath and design for direct underground installation
  • Crush resistance 1500 N
  • Maximum tension force 1200 N
  • 2 FRP bars 0.5 mm
  • Central tube filled with hydrophobic gel


Product type Fiber optic cable
Cable type Earth Dose
Number of fibers 2
Fibers type Single-mode, 9/125
standard G.657A1
buffer 250 μm
CPR class FCA
Outer sheath material HDPE
Hydrophobic gel Yes
Gain FRP rods
Central tube Yes
Outer diameter mm 5
Central tube diameter mm 1,8
Crush strength N 2500
Maximum pulling force dynamic N 1000
static N 400
Min. bending radius static mm no data
installation mm 120
Temperature range operation °C -20...70
installation °C no data
storage °C no data
Weight kg/km 20,3
Cable length m Sold per meter