Fiber Optic Distribution Cable: ULTIMODE BS-36SM (36xG.657.A2, easy access) [1m]

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Easy access cable ULTIMODE BS-36SM
with 36 single-mode ITU-T G.657.A2. fibers.
Fiber Optic Distribution Cable: ULTIMODE BS-36SM (36xG.657.A2, easy access) [1m]
View of the cable
Fiber Optic Distribution Cable: ULTIMODE BS-36SM (36xG.657.A2, easy access) [1m]
A look at the construction of the cable

  • 36 single-mode fibers,
  • reinforcement with 2 aramid strands,
  • designed for cutting out windows and easy access to fibers,
  • cable construction protects fibers when cutting windows,
  • possibility to pull out fibers to the length of 20 m,
  • G.657.A2 single-mode fibers,
  • LSOH jacket,
  • standard optical cable for ULTIMODE Building System.
ULTIMODE BS-36SM belongs to an innovative system of fiber optic cabling with easy fiber access, especially useful in high-rise and multi-dwelling buildings. The fibers can be branched directly to individual subscribers without the need for splicing within the riser of the building. They are easily extracted from breaking windows in the gel-free tube.
The construction of ULTIMODE BS cables allows the installer to cut out windows in the sheath (tube) and pull out single fibers without a risk of damage, thanks to a proper inner diameter of the tube. Additional protection is provided by two aramid rods in the sheath, which, in addition to strengthening and stabilizing the tube, act as protective barriers to the stripper blade.
ULTIMODE BS-36SM cable contains 36 single-mode fibers. The color identification of the buffer layers complies with the GB13993.3-2001 standard. The jacket (sheath) is made of low smoke zero halogen flame retardant poly-olefin (LSZH)
The single-mode fibers used in the cable are ITU-T G.657.A2, in 900 μm tight buffers. The G.657.A2 fiber is currently one of the most advanced and popular single-mode fibers, being in fact an improved version of the G.652.D fiber. The fiber can be formed into tight coils due to reduced attenuation in such conditions, whereas other parameters are even a little better (attenuation less than 0.35 dB/km at 1310 nm and less than 0.20 dB/km at 1550 nm). The special feature this fiber type is reduced attenuation of coils - at 1550 nm the attenuation of 10 turns with a radius of 15 mm is <0.03 dB, and of 1 turn with a radius of 7.5 mm is <0.5 dB.
Of course, the minimum bending radius of the fiber and of the cable is not the same. The former depends on the standard and physical characteristics of the fiber, whereas the latter should be assumed as 20x the external diameter of the cable.
ULTIMODE BS easy access cables are designed for fiber optic systems in high-rise buildings and multi-dwelling units (MDUs). MDUs are commercial or residential buildings with multiple offices or apartments, including "open space" solutions. The cables can also be successfully applied in old buildings with tight shafts, not allowing to use several cables. In this case, the use of the ULTIMODE Building System with easy access cables allows broadband service providers to build the distribution system much faster and easier.
We offer a range of ULTIMODE fiber optic distribution cables - with 12, 24, 36 and 48 single-mode fibers (G.652.D and G.657.A2)
Code L7836
Number of fibers 36
Outer diameter (jacket) 11.5 mm
Weight 112 kg / 1000 m
Fiber type single-mode.
ITU-T G.657.A2
IL < 0.35 dB/km at 1310 nm
< 0.20 dB/km at 1550 nm
Buffer diameter 900 μm
Crush resistance
500 N /100 mm
Operating temperature range - 20oC...60oC
Installation temperature range - 20oC...70oC
Cross-section of a ULTIMODE BS cable

1. Window cut marker on the sheath.
2. Loose central tube with fibers.
3. Aramid rod.
4. LSZH sheath.
5. 900 μm tight buffer fiber.
ULTIMODE Building System is a solution to create FTTH networks in buildings (Fiber To The Home). The system provides a complete range of products for deployment of fiber optic links in each apartment/office, including "open space" offices.
Typical applications:
  • modern FTTX networks requiring easy access cables;
  • commercial or residential buildings with multiple offices or apartments;
  • high-rise buildings, commercial spaces, parking lots;
  • indoor installations in houses and apartments.
Why to use easy access cables:
  • quick installation, without the use of specialized equipment;
  • minimum number of splices;
  • cost reduction;
  • complete solution allowing for distribution, splicing, and termination of fiber optic cables;
  • universal application - in high-rise buildings and multi-dwelling units (MDUs), as well as in low buildings.
Price for 1-meter length


Kod L7836
Liczba włókien 36
Średnica kabla 11,5 mm
Masa kabla 112 kg / 1000 m
Rodzaje włókien jednomodowe,
ITU-T G.657.A2
Tłumienie włókna < 0,35 dB/km dla 1310nm
< 0,20 dB/km dla 1550nm
Powłoka włókna 900 μm
Odporność na zgniatanie 500N/100mm
Temperatura pracy - 20... 60oC
Temperatura instalacji - 20... 70oC