Fiber Scraps Trash Can

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The container ensures safe and secure handling of waste fiber.


3-year warranty.



Shredded fiber is the result of the preparation of fiber-optic cable for welding, splicing or connecting by mechanical means. The scraps are very dangerous to health if swallowed, got in someone's eyes, or drawn into the lungs. They may have the same adverse effect as asbestos fibers - can cause cancerous changes. This is why it is so important to dispose of the microscopic waste properly.
The trash can ensures safe and secure handling of waste fiber. It is highly recommended to use such special containers for waste fiber, needles and syringes used during the installation of fiber-optics system.

Full containers should be collected for disposal as hazardous waste.


Product type Waste container
Brand Miller
Dimensions mm 110 × 110 × 7
Weight kg 0,045