Flush Outlet: GAR-3F-BG-DK-SAT (end-of-line)


3-year warranty.



The GAR-3F-BG-DK-SAT R62197 subscriber outlet is a piece of equipment designed for using within satellite master antenna systems (SMATV) and satellite antenna individual installations (SAII). The appropriate outputs are connected with the user's devices: television, SAT receiver, FM receiver (stereo).
The input of the R62197 outlet is to be connected to subscriber line supplying RF signals. The outlet has three output sockets, all of them are F-type. Thanks to built-in filters, two of them carry terrestrial television (TV) and FM/DAB radio (R) signals (they both pass 5-862 MHz range), and the third socket (SAT) conveys satellite signals (1st SAT IF, 950-2400 MHz).
The frequency range of the satellite path (SAT) is extended with respect to most outlets available on the market (the upper limit is raised from 2050 MHz to 2400 MHz). The outlet fulfills all requirements for modern SMATV systems distributing digital programming, including digital radio.
Schematic diagram of the outlet


Product type RTV interface
Manufacturer Satel
Outlet type End
Socket type R-TV-SAT
Installation Flush-mounted
System Yes
Operating band R output MHz 5 – 862
TV output MHz 5 – 862
SAT output MHz 950 – 2400
Insertion loss R path dB 4 (for 5-790 MHz), 6 (for 790 – 862 MHz)
TV path dB 4 (for 5 – 790 MHz), 6 (for 790 – 862 MHz)
SAT path dB 2 (for 950 – 2050 MHz), 3 (for 2050 – 2400 MHz)