Flush TV/FM Outlet: GAR-TVP8/RS5 (end-of-line)


3-year warranty.



The GAR-TVP8/RS5 R62120 flush-mounted outlet has been designed for use in CATV and MATV distribution networks with separate lines to subscribers / end users. The outlet is also ideal for applications in individual antenna systems.
The input of the R62120 outlet is to be connected to subscriber or individual line supplying RF signals. The outlet has two output sockets that are compliant with IEC 162-2 and carry terrestrial television (TV) and FM radio (R) signals. Thanks to built-in filters, the TV socket passes 5-68 MHz and 118- 862 MHz bands, and the R socket conveys FM band (87.5-108 MHz).

Schematic diagram of the outlet

The outlets are compatible with accessories from the following manufacturers: ELEKTROPLAST, ELDA, HAGER POLO, BERKER, KONTAKT-SIMON, OSPEL, LEGRAND, TAREL.


Product type RTV interface
Manufacturer Satel
Outlet type End
Socket type R-TV
Installation Flush-mounted
System Yes
Operating band R output MHz 87.5 – 108
TV output MHz 5 – 65, 118 – 862
Insertion loss R path dB 2,5
TV path dB 1,5